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Management education has a unique position in the education industry across the world. It has also been a subject of constant change and innovation and as it stands, we can see the growth of several multidisciplinary courses in the sector of management education. The usage of technology in order to create advanced and interactive learning programs for students has also caused widespread havoc in the learning communities. In a developing country like India where there is a growing need for management experts with large scale industrialization across the country, we are witnessing the emergence of many institutions who are offering courses according to the needs of the industry. However, not every college is able to create advanced infrastructures for management education which is why...

Top 10 BBA Colleges - 2023

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Sonika Bhatnagar, Head, Department of Biological Sciences and Engineering, Netaji Subhas University of Technology

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Dr. Lilian I. Jasper, Principal & Secretary, Women's Christian College

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Shweta Mohanty Roy, Head HR, SAP India

Empowering Teachers: Roadmap To Success Of Nep 2020

Dr. Tejinder Sharma, Professor & Chairman Department of Commerce, Kurukshetra University

Need Of A Transformed Education System In Today's Digital World!!

Arvind Singh, Head - Information Technology, 7-Eleven India