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New Delhi Institute Of Management: A Phenomenal Platform Nurturing The Future Finance Professionals Of The Country

A unit of "Society for Employment and Career Counseling", New Delhi Institute of Management (NDIM) is an integral part of a non-profit & charitable education society registered since 1992. Jaswant Rai Bansal, who was a freedom fighter, the senior most member of the UPSC, distinguished Judge of the Supreme Court of India, Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank, Chairman of the UPSC, and top civil servant of India, set up NDIM in 1996 as a humble payback to the nation taking their decades of learning to the next generation. He laid the foundations of NDIM with the vision of making it a global learning hub, a unique gurukul to nurture courageous global change leaders through holistic, transformative, relevant, and innovative learning. Offering innovative and industry-specific curriculum...

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