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It's time to Say, R for Robotics

Author : Sarath Shyam, Managing Editor, The Higher Education Review

Sarath Shyam

Sarath Shyam, Managing Editor

My 53-year-old Mom still struggles with her Smartphone. She would call me every now and then, asking me how to send an SMS to book her LPG cylinder or take out a relative's contact number that she had saved in her phone, and so many other queries. My 4-year-old nephew, however, would use my phone like his darling toy. Once he gets the phone unlocked, he knows how to make video calls, how to open YouTube to watch his favourite cartoons and how to download games from the Play store. Finally, when he hands over the phone to me, his signature poker face selfies would be in my phone gallery. In fact, the usage of technology is one of the most important factors that differentiate two different generations today. The senior citizens are trying to catch up with the frenetic pace of technological progress, while the younger ones are already walking along with it. Now, let us keep the Smartphone aside, assuming that almost all the kids in our family already know how to operate with it.

Today's talk of the town is Robotics, which despite being an important subject to learn has not been able find its place in the regular school curriculum. Many people in the school education sector are apprehensive about the necessity of teaching young kids the working of robots. They consider Robotics as a topic for teenagers and young graduates. However, if it is generally accepted that children should learn about science from a young age since it explains how the world works, then why are we not teaching them Robotics that has become such a big part of modern life? It is high time for us to stop considering Robotics or technology in general as a 'nice to have' extracurricular subject. It is indeed central to where humanity is headed.

In this issue, we have come up with a list of "Top 10 Promising Robotics Training Institutes in India," where we have included elementary as well as advanced robotics training providers across the nation. On the cover, we feature Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (IMTMA), an apex body that strives to bridge the gap between the academics and the industry requirement.

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