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Management College of the Year 2017

Author : HER Team

HER Team

No matter whatever a person is up to in his life, at the professional front, nearly everything involves some sort of 'Business' in it. An effective management skill helps the individuals in the management roles to take the right decision for an organization in times of crisis and react proactively before suffering damage. In India, many B-Schools are training technically equipped young graduates with the elementary business knowledge to face the complex economic situation. The top corporate firms are confirming the high demand for business graduates from varied specializations by recruiting a good number of management students even before the completion of their courses from their respective institutions.

Today, the successful completion of a business course guarantees the students with a wide range of career options, right from grabbing a managerial or executive level job to starting their own ventures upholding the leadership skills and analytical thinking learned from the course. Indian B-schools are adopting replicas of US business education, particularly in the area of pedagogy and curricula, giving equal inputs to create competent employees and enthusiast entrepreneurs.

Owing to the high future prospects of the management courses, students having a knack for leading or managing an organization are inclining immensely towards the subject and spending a fortune on admission fees to get into prestigious B-schools that are promising to hand over the superlative education and placements. With increasing number of institutions, however, the reliability factor is also at the stake. Several B-Schools in the country generate graduates without any skills, instilling only theoretical learning followed by students facing the turmoil of unemployment.

Understanding the pain of business aspirants in the country, we have come up with a set of B-Schools that have performed well in parameters such as Infrastructure, Faculty, Industry interaction, Innovative programs, Research and Placements. We have categorized each entry by understanding the institute's key strength. In the next few pages, we bring you some of the top management schools across the country selected by our expert panel as the 'Management College of the Year, 2017.'


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