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Top 100 Private Engineering Colleges in India Survey - 2018

Author : HER Team

HER Team

It is no secret that maximum Indian parents want their wards to pursue engineering and settle down with hefty salaries. Indeed, this perception is right, as engineering is one of the most lucrative and in-demand career choices, with a variety of engineering disciplines and job types. However, the scenario has changed drastically now. A mere degree is not enough because if an aspirant wants to achieve higher goals, they are assumed to match the expectations of the industry that are searching for candidates having potential and right attitude in them. There are huge numbers of job opportunities waiting for every engineering branch students who possess innovative and energetic minds. Often seen as the bedrock for development, engineering being favorites of the parents to evolving as a means to get skilled, have come a long way.

Taking a deep dive into various engineering branches, it can be found that in the earlier era, engineering meant either Civil or Mechanical or Electrical and interdisciplinary meant Electronics and Telecommunications. Anyhow, as knowledge expanded and new challenges rose in the corporate field, new disciplines emerged as potential fields of study in many academic domains. With the advent of new technologies, the boundaries between engineering branches are fast diminishing. Robotics engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Oil & Petroleum Engineering, Motor Sports Engineering, Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering are some of the examples of the so-called 'not-so-popular' and unexplored domains which hold great scopes when taken as a profession. Given the vast nature of engineering subjects, students can now choose an area of their interest, which will not only reward them a degree, but also will push them to give their best at the workplace.

However, with the number of engineering colleges, mostly in the private sector, rising with every academic year, getting admission is not a big concern. What is important is getting admission to a decent institute in the branch of your choice. Here, students and the parents have to confront a hard time. With an attempt to make the process of selecting the best engineering college smooth, we at Higher Education Review have prepared a comprehensive list as 'Top 100 Private Engineering Colleges in India Survey – 2018'. The rankings are based on factors like quality of education, research output, industry interface, inputs of faculty members and academic productivity. Compiled by our team of experts and researchers, we hope that this list will immensely help the stakeholders of engineering education in differentiating between an excellent and an average institute.


July 2018

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