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Top 25 Private/Deemed Universities in India 2018

Author : HER Team

HER Team

Regarded as the once-in-a-lifetime experience, University is a platform that bestows students with limitless opportunities and memories, which they can cherish forever. A University does not only revolve around academic growth, rather students get to realize their innate talents and also are enabled to inculcate values like integrity, teamanship, dedication, patience, punctuality and so on. One of the many rewards of a University is that students are left alone to take day-to-day decisions, owing to which by the end of their academic journey, they opt to grow independent and mature. Regular classes, extra-curricular activities, socializing with new friends and constantly experiencing new things, these are the things which altogether make spending a definite period of life at a University campus worthy.

Over the years, a range of Private/Deemed Universities, which are the highest seats of learning, spearheads the quantum growth in the Higher Education sector of the country. Raising the standard of education commendably, the Universities witness and address not only host students of India but also welcome foreign students coming from different parts of the globe, with open arms. It is the facilities, qualities, and affordable education along with the country's rich culture, luscious landscape, and unforgettable food, which attract students from varied races and culture. Anyhow, most of the Universities despite encompassing larger than life facilities in the campus, forget to maintain the 'Quality', given which students are bound to end up with a University degree having no value globally.

After much contemplation, we at Higher Education Review took the onus on us to identify a list of Universities which have successfully stood upon their promises. From providing globally accepted degrees to including highly qualified faculty members and adopting modern teaching techniques to having robust research culture in the campus, all the featured Universities every academic year have proved to translate the dreams of the students into reality. With the 'Top 25 Private/Deemed Universities in India 2018', we have introduced a handful of one-of-its-kind Universities for the students who are puzzled and tired of searching a right sphere to complete their studies. We strongly believe that bringing such excellent Universities into the limelight will inspire other institutions to walk on the former's footsteps and make India a developed nation.


July 2018

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