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Google Opened Its First All Women Developer Network of North India at LPU

Tuesday, 26 Aug 2014, 22:43 IST

Jalandhar: World IT leader, Google opened its first all women developer network of North India at Lovely Professional University.The group would be called as Google Developer Group Women (GDGW). About 200 students, including those from different institutions of North India, attended the inaugural session. Amid huge applause, LPU girl alumna Shalki Nagpal, presently employed with HCL Technologies, was nominated as ‘Organizer’ of the GDGW Jalandhar. LPU girl-students of different streams presented informative demonstrations about yet to be released Google Glass, Android wear, Google Card Board & Android Auto Introduction Session.

This all women chapter is aimed to empower women in the field of technology, and is poised to be among top developer groups of women in the country. The group will cater to the software developer women community interested in Google technologies.

Google Developers Group (GDG) Jalandhar, which was established at LPU and has been operational from the campus for the last three years, has now taken responsibility of mentoring this new group-GDGW. Both the groups would be supported by Google Inc. At present, regular activities of GDG Jalandhar are supported by its manager Avinash Mishra, co-organizers Shiju R and Piyush Anand-all LPU students. It was only their initiative to establish GDGW Jalandhar chapter with full support from their alma-mater LPU.

In her congratulatory message, LPU Pro-Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal conveyed: 'We. are very happy to see the launching of GDGW at the university campus. Now, as more and more women students are entering engineering field, I am sure this new group will help all these hundreds of woman-students to give a strong competition to other Google Developers Group across the country.  I anticipate new women chapter will contribute to the developer women community not only in and around northern part but all the parts of India and other countries also. We, in our turn, will keep on guiding our students to conduct events and workshops with speakers from Google and GDGs.”

LPU student-demonstrators of different Google applications Upasana Bisht (CSE), Samia Mehraj (Bio-Technology), Nitika (CSE), Swetaleena (CSE) expressed their happiness on the launch: “We are extremely happy to be a great part of the inaugural session of first GDGW in the Zone. This chapter will indeed enable passionate and creative women to develop and work on new technologies.


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