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Dulal Mitra

He is the President of Dr. BC Roy College of Engineering and an intrepid entrepreneur who has started other academic institutions such as Dr. BC Roy College of Pharmacy. Before entering the field of institutional academia, he had been instrumental in the start-up of Commercial and Computer Education in the industrial town of Durgapur. He has also established Phonetics Informatics - an educational establishment that catered to Computer education and literacy amongst students.

Ketan Ghosh, Electrical Engineer who was recently placed in Tata Consultancy Services was interested in research and hence joined Dr. BC Roy Engineering College. Upon joining the institute he met Dr. Dipendra Nath Ghosh, an Associate Professor who taught Mathematics. While Dr. Ghosh has always been interested in Mathematics, he has never curbed his fascination for research in the same field. Aside from publishing research papers in collaboration with other authors, Dr. Ghosh has also co-written the Numerical Method and Programming Textbook which is prescribed by the West Bengal University of Technology. "Despite having so many accomplished faculty members, I was amazed by the way the faculty teaches students with a lot of passion and care, and at the same time constantly participate in research," says Ketan. Ketan also describes the institute as one that not only provides quality education but gives the students ample opportunity to exhibit their talents in music, photography, debates etc.

BCREC was established in the year 2000 and in order to set itself apart from the rest has set research as its focus. Despite the constant evolution of industry in terms of technology, manufacturing or the retail sector which has brought in new problems, the institute has constantly aimed at providing solutions to these problems and provide quality researchers to the academic and industry worlds. As
the institute is committed to promote research and development activities in its campus, it has set up a state-of-art unique Research and Development Center. "The region's premier institutions like Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute and others provide necessary support as and when required," says Dulal Mitra, President of BCREC.

Encouraging Faculty and Students to Pursue Research

The importance of research in higher education is essential in the teaching-learning process such that knowledge gained through theoretical and practical study is enough to build a productive career. "Our professors take great care in ensuring that all the students understand each and every topic and are ready to go to great lengths to guide the students," says Mitra. At BCREC, there are faculty members who are being awarded with PhD degrees on completion of their research projects, every year. Currently the institute has 45 PhD holders with industry experience across its several engineering disciplines.

In this continued process of research and development, BCREC has bagged several research projects for development and the faculties are also encouraged to explore the research work in the domain for the institute. Researchers consisting of students and faculty members put their ideas and efforts regularly in Research and Development Center of the college to produce innovative ideas. These ideas which are developed are displayed in the form of Models or are converted into research papers. In order to promote research BCREC organizes seminars on contemporary technologies and technical issues on research activities which give them an insight to the latest trends and industrial developments.

To showcase the talent and the latest innovations in the Research and Development Center, the Bulletin of Engineering and Science (BES) was created. This Bulletin which was started in 2006 as a biannual peer reviewed journal published under the Editorship of the Head of Department of Research and Development Center publishes the research work carried out by the faculty members and the students. "The aim of this journal is to provide advanced scientific and technological information and exchange of knowledge in multi fields of Engineering & Technology,"
says Mitra.

Upgrading the curriculum is a Necessity

To bridge the gap between the demand of the industries and the urgent need to prepare students for jobs, BCREC has invited experts from industry on a regular basis to deliver special lectures to the students. BCREC has strategic interactions from invitee experts from IIEST, Burdwan and is perhaps one of the only institutes in the country to have strategic tie-ups with IIT Alumni Venture CLASSLE, for technical upliftment of students including career assistance.

For the same purpose, the curriculum offered at the institute subject the students to an overall transformation, training them to be better professionals, and be better human beings. The rigorous syllabus framed by West Bengal University of Technology instills the students with the requisite knowledge. Apart from that the institute involves additional teaching �leaning techniques such as regular mock tests, online tutorials, soft skills grooming, invited lectures from distinguished expert faculties from the industry and academicians.

To enhance the students' learning experience, BCREC has signed a MoU with ISRO to utilize EduSat which is the first exclusive satellite serving the educational sector. Edusat provides satellite based tele-education facilities to students and teachers. The institute is well equipped with EDUSAT labs which allow the students to access to instructors through online bulletin boards, online discussion groups and e-mail which may guide them reach their true goal of a job in the industry or a researcher.

Due to its focus on research, most companies such as Infosys, Wipro, Piaggio, Microsoft, Bosch and others that approach BCREC are keen to see how the students who are more interested in research will help solve their problems. "While I am currently placed in TCS, I may someday look to become an innovator or researcher," says Ketan. The institute hopes to see an increase in the number of students pursuing research as an option which will help the industry and society.