Top 10 Promising Robotics Training Institutes in India 2018


Although at its nascence, Robotics is going through an exciting phase in India. There is no doubt that with the growing market for technology and innovation, robotics as a branch is all set to revolutionize the industrial scenario of the country. The advancement of AI has demonstrated an advent of intelligent robots that can perform tasks similar to that of a human being. Apparently, robotics promises to bring the same result as computer systems have brought in services and other sectors since its introduction. Hence it's safe to say that a learner of any age should embrace this area and accumulate substantial knowledge making sure that they are ‘future ready'. It is, in fact, the necessity to train the youth regarding the nuances of robotics as to get assured that they grow into innovative individuals, which will later help them remain safe from the threat of taking away jobs by robots.

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Top 10 Promising Robotics Training Institutes in India 2018




3B ROBOSKOOL Chennai,Tamil Nadu Having excellent trainers on board, 3B Roboskool is determined to increase the innovative and logical thinking of the next generation leaders of the country.
Asha24 Hyderabad, Telangana A perfect platform for professionals who wants to update their knowledge by receiving corporate style training in flexible timings based on the current MNC job market.
Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association Bengaluru, Karnataka The apex industry body for the machine tool sector in India, IMTMA aims to enhance productivity and competitiveness in manufacturing through rendering training to the optimum number of manpower.
Irobokid Mumbai, Maharashtra With a promise of an integrated and customized curriculum, Irobokid is encouraging the young minds to learn in a creative manner and understand the application phenomena.
Kausal Vikash Pune, Maharashtra Believing in the mantra “up-skill and re-skill or perish”, the institute nurtures the fresh graduates and professionals with a meaningful industry oriented and skilled-based training at a very affordable price.