Top 25 MBA & Engineering Colleges in UK, 2014



According to ongoing trends in higher education sector, by 2024, one in every three outbound higher education students across the globe is expected to be from India and China. As one the major contributor of quality higher education, UK is expected continue in the top position in receiving a colossal number of foreign students on its home soil. With such varied options in the United Kingdom, choosing the best university is always a tough task for students. With this in mind, we in Higher Education Review Magazine have come with an intensive survey to list out the best universities in UK.

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Top 25 MBA & Engineering Colleges in UK, 2014


Institute Name



1 University of Cambridge Cambridge 1209
2 University of Oxford Wellington 1096
3 University of St Andrews Fife 1413
4 The University of Edinburgh Edinburgh 1582
5 Durham University Durham 1832
6 University of Warwick Coventry 1965
7 The University of Manchester Manchester 2004
8 University of Leeds Leeds 1904
9 University College London London 1826
10 The University of Nottingham Nottingham 1798
11 University of York York 1963
12 Aston University Birmingham 1895
13 University of Birmingham Suburban 1900
14 University of Liverpool Liverpool 1881
15 Cardiff Metropolitian University Cardiff 1996