Educational Institutes of the Year 2015

While, there is a distinctive buzz about PM Modi's campaign for Make-in-India and other economic reforms, the investment in human capital through quality education holds the key to inclusive development of the burgeoning Indian economy. As an initial step Ministry of Human Resources & Development had set a target of 30 percent GER (Gross Enrollment Ratio) for India by 2020, which currently stands at 19 percent. To achieve this target, India needs 40 million students to be enrolled in the higher education system by 2020. The present education industry caters to approximately 18.5 million students enrolled in the higher education sector. Looking at the increasing number of students coming out from the school system against the inadequate capacity of the higher education system to absorb this mass number of students, it is evident that the target is an extremely difficult one to achieve. We need to create an additional capacity of 25 million seats over the next decade and this requires an additional 10,510 technical institutions, 15,530 colleges and 521 universities!

While, the time has come to create a second wave of institution building with more private participation, it is necessary for the emerging institutions to maintain quality of education at par with the international standards. With many experts on the panel who understand the ongoing scenarios in the higher education sector better than anyone, we have come up with our latest edition of 'Educational Institute of the Year 2015.' In this endeavor, Higher Education Review Magazine's panel of top recruiters and educationalists have identified some of the best educational institutes in the country that are displaying their best performance in various sectors of education. We sincerely hope that our efforts will help the large community of students to find right course and college as well the emerging institutions to understand the way forward. In the next few pages, we will bring you some of the top educational institutions across the country selected by our expert panels as 'Educational Institute of the Year 2015.'

Educational Institutes of the Year 2015