Spotlight October

India is making rapid progress toward modernization and economic prosperity. It is counting on high-tech sectors like IT and biotechnology to boost the country’s prosperity. As a basic building block, the higher education system of India has a major role to play in the development of these sectors in particular and the country as a whole.

The Indian higher education system benefits from a number of positive elements. India has a large higher education sector, the third largest in the world. It has a long academic legacy and employs English as its primary language of instruction and research in higher education.  Academic freedom is valued, and a variety of excellent schools can serve as the cornerstone of a top-notch education.

No doubt, India's higher education system has grown significantly in recent years. However, without a commensurate rise in material and intellectual resources, the push to make higher education more inclusive of all socioeconomic groups has resulted in fast and dramatic growth in the number of institutions. Academic standards have been compromised as a result. At the time of independence, there were only roughly 20 universities and 500 colleges. Today, these numbers have witnessed exponential growth. In terms of universities, these numbers have grown by 26 times, while in terms of colleges, they have expanded by 66 times. Currently, the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) lists 11,669 freestanding institutions, 40,026 colleges, and 864 universities in India.

Additionally, during the past two years, the pandemic has turned the matter worse and the issues involving capacity, equality, access to resources, quality, and bureaucratic roadblocks are creating a major hurdle in the higher education system of India. In a response to the existing situation, Higher Education Review has put the spotlight on a select few colleges that have turned around student outcomes with their innovative approach toward pedagogy.

Spotlight October




Institute Of Tourism And Hotel Management (ITHM) kolkata Being situated in Agra, ITHM provides an excellent industry exposure to its students, both national and international
Integrator Bangalore As you can clearly see, our primary focus is our students and how we apply technology to make learning a better and a more complete experience for them
Profit From IT Gujarat As financially illiterate investors can make sub-optimal investment decisions that can have an adverse impact on their short and long term financial situation
SJB School Of Architecture And Planning Bengaluru SJB School of Architecture and Planning aspires to be a `one-stop' destination for courses encompassing most disciplines that can be classified as part of the `Built Environment', in collaborations with international universities and professionals
Ural Federal University Russia The Russian education system is renowned for its achievements in the field of science and technology besides economics, business, and law. Based on the Bologna Process and national standards, Russia's higher education is in demand as its quality educationis recognized across the globe.
Whistling Woods International Mumbai Whistling Woods International is one of the best in the world when it comes to infrastructure and technology on campus. They have coupled this with an innovative education structure, academic pedagogy & teaching methodology