Top 10 AI & ML Training Institutes – 2023

Top 10 AI & ML Training Institutes – 2023

Empowering Your Future with AI & ML

Training institutes for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have proliferated in recent years, reflecting the growing demand for expertise in these fields. These institutes play a crucial role in shaping the future of technology by equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to harness the power of AI and ML.

Mastering AI & ML for a Changing World

AI and ML are at the forefront of technological innovation, revolutionizing industries ranging from healthcare and finance to autonomous vehicles and entertainment. Training institutes serve as the bedrock of this workforce by providing specialized education and practical experience in these domains. The primary objective of AI and ML training institutes is to empower students, professionals, and aspiring data scientists with a deep understanding of the concepts, tools, and techniques that underpin AI and ML. These institutes aim to bridge the gap between theory and application, ensuring that their students can not only grasp the theoretical foundations of AI and ML but also apply these principles to real-world problems. On a broader societal level, these institutes play a pivotal role in driving innovation and economic growth. Moreover, AI and ML are interdisciplinary fields, making them accessible to individuals with diverse educational backgrounds. They produce a workforce capable of leveraging AI and ML to address pressing global challenges, ranging from healthcare and climate change to cybersecurity and education. Ultimately, the impact of these institutes extends beyond individual careers, fostering innovation, economic growth, and responsible technology use for the betterment of society as a whole.

This issue of Higher Education Review talks about some of the professionally managed colleges in the country, which has been nurtured with best technical and professional infrastructure and assistance from efficient and skilled faculties ensuring delivery of quality higher education and research. This issue spotlights a list of ‘Top 10 Promising AI & ML Training Institutes - 2023’, the list has been crafted by a team of Industry veterans, CEOs, VCs and the Higher Education Review editorial team.

Top 10 AI & ML Training Institutes – 2023




Analytics Path Hyderabad Offers intense application-driven & hands-on training programs in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning & deep learning courses
Corpnce Technologies Bangalore An academy offering diverse range of programs like data science, machine learning, deep learning and AI courses
DataMites Bangalore An institute offering different courses including data science courses, artificial intelligence courses python training courses, data analytics courses, machine learning courses, deep learning courses and MLOps training course
Edvancer Gurugram The organization providing different courses including certified business analytics professional, certified machine learning with python expert, certified tableau professional and more
GUVI Geeks Chennai An institute offering machine learning educationthat is both accessible and effective through online courses in a vernacular approach
Intellipaat Software Solutions Bangalore Offers one of the best AI courses that will offer hands-on experience to you on artificial intelligence concepts, such as the importance of machine learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, PySpark, MLOps, and more
Kanektify Academy Bangalore An organisation providing diverse range of courses including data science blockchain, AI / ML, python, internet of things (iot), full stack, digital entrepreneurship, to name a few Hyderabad A premium institute providing diverse range of programs like data science, artificial intelligence, python programming, digital marketing, machine learning, python full stack, java full stack and data analytics
NearLearn Bangalore Offer specialization courses in machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, python, big data, and react native, migrating application to Aws training, Aws SysOps administrator
SCODEEN Global Pune A renowned institution, incepted with a mission of addressing the skills gap in technology, particularly in AI/ML, with a focus on practical, real-world skills, driven by a vision to bridge the gaps in technological knowledge