Top 10 Institutes For Business Analytics Program - 2021

Top 10 Institutes For Business Analytics Program - 2021

Business Analytics has become very important for the expansion and development of businesses these days. Massive investments are being made in huge data analytics to make higher business choices from past knowledge. This past data is being generated by completely different sources like business people, marketing, education, engineering, medicine, social media, online transactions, call centers, sensors, weblogs, and telecommunications. As per a leadership column from Forbes CMO network, “analytics is perhaps the foremost vital tool a company has these days to realize to gain insights.” The article also emphasizes the fact that corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, and lots of others are heavily investing in data collection and data analysis for building a future-ready business model.

With the development of AI and machine learning, businesses are getting more data-driven. Beyond descriptive analysis, they currently target the predictive and prescriptive analysis of data. Even within the Indian market, as data is becoming more valuable for a business, parallel, the prospect of business analytics as a career option has conjointly shot up. Currently, a career in advanced business analytics is like an early bird chance, which is to grow by several folds within the returning future. With the help of prime business analytics courses in India, operating professionals from completely different backgrounds will enter the sphere of business analytics and deliver the goods new growth milestones in their careers.

To help the students who are looking for the best institutes for business analytics programs, we at Higher Education Review magazine are trying to simplify your confusion about selecting the best universities and colleges. Our expert panel of researchers has looked into the situation and articulated a list under the name ‘Top 10 Institutes For Business Analytics Program - 2021’ which is based on the institute’s qualities, expertise, ranks, facilities, and much more. Reviewed and scrutinized by the intellectual individuals of this specific field, the educational institutes mentioned in this list deliver exceptional education along with outstanding infrastructure, top-notch mentoring facilities, and placement opportunities. We hope that this above-mentioned list will help the interested students to choose the best.

Top 10 Institutes For Business Analytics Program - 2021




Dhruva College of Management Hyderabad Providing interactive learning experiences such as case method, simulation and experiential learning
Ganpat University Mehsana-Gozaria Highway Recognized by University Grants Commission, Ganpat University offers Engineering & Technology, Management Studies, Computer Applications and other courses
Great Learning Bengaluru A team of 1000 faculty members are developing business heads with courses in Machine Learning, programs in Cybersecurity, Software Development, and Business
Indus Valley Public School Noida Ranked as 'School of the Future' and among the top schools by renowned media houses, Indus Valley Public School offers courses of Central Board of Secondary Education and topnotch sports facilities
Ivy Professional School Kolkata Ivy Professional School has been able to create industry tuned 15,500+ with courses in Analytics, Big Data, ERP, IT, Organizational Behavior, & Foreign Language competencies
Madras School of Economics Chennai Madras School of Economics infrastructure with resourceful library, advanced computing, smart classrooms, comfortable hostel accommodation, internet, and unique learning methods and research facilities
NSB Academy Bengaluru NSB with its world campus, impeccable teaching methods by quality professors, excellent placement records, and healthy social life and offers business courses, certification courses to Indian and foreign students
Praxis Business School Kolkata Launched with the support from XLRI faculty inputs, Praxis Business School is one of the premier business schools in India which amalgamates curricula of art and science theories for better business learning
St. Teresa's College Ernakulam Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University and offers Fashion Designing, Botony, Zoology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Communicative English, Economics, French, Bharatanatyam, History, Malayalam, Psychology, Commerce, Dietetics, Sociology, and Home Science
Xavier University Bhubaneswar Established in 2013 with the Government of Odisha passing the Xavier University Act, Xavier University is famous as 'XIMB' and offers a plethora of management courses and research opportunities