Top 10 Language Training Institutes 2019

Top 10 Language Training Institutes ­ 2019Indian Education System is highly recognized worldwide, be it whether ancient structure or modern-day education. It is one of the top countries that most of the students choose to pursue their higher education. In the year 2017-18, the number of colleges in India has reached around 39,050 and the universities are more than 900 across the country. The number of students pursuing higher education in India is estimated to be more or less 36.64 million. The country has become the second-largest market in the e-learning domain after the US, and the sector is expected to reach US $1.96 billion by 2021. When it comes to setting Global Trends in International Education, Indian students mark their existence in most of the countries. But, to settle down in a country that has a completely different culture, norms and moreover a respective `language'. Every country has its own language and if a student is aiming to pursue his higher education or establish a career in any foreign language, he/she has to be well-versed about that particular language a country follows. It makes the students effortless to communicate and adjust to their education system and lifestyle easily. As the number of individuals going abroad is increasing, parallelly the language training institutes are emerging as a completely new domain in the field of education. Learning a new language helps people in understanding the new perspectives and cultures according to particular countries. Every language has its own history, grammar and pronunciation and the language training institutes help people in understanding every element associated with each language and country. To help the students who are planning to get certified language training courses, we at Higher Education Review have come up with an authentic list of `Top 10 Language Training Institutes ­ 2019'. The institutes which we have covered not only provide valid training courses but also make language amiable and understandable. Hopefully the curated list will bring clarity and guide you towards finding the right language training institution that caters to all your requirements.

Top 10 Language Training Institutes 2019




Communiqua Chennai, Tamil Nadu Communiqua offers a spectrum of foreign language courses that includes Arabic, Russian, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and special English language classes.
Elite Institute of Foreign Languages Secunderabad Renowned for offering well-designed courses in various foreign languages like German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.
FluenC Bangalore, Karnataka Providing a range of foreign language courses and inter-cultural training with Young Polyglot founders having European and multicultural exposure and international corporate experience.
INaWORD Chennai, Tamil Nadu A multi-lingual foreign language institute, set up in 2000 with the aim of imparting high quality language training to students at different levels, from Beginner to Advanced.
inlingua Bangalore, Karnataka inlingua has more than 250 language centers located all over the world, and helps millions of students with all kinds of backgrounds master new languages.
Japanese Language Academy Calicut, Kerala Being the first of its kind, JLA provides not just a learning experience in Japanese Language but also an outlook of the Culture, Tradition and Accent of Japanese.
Laetus Education Bangalore, Karnataka Laetus Education is a language institute offering communicative English skill development programmes for learners of all age groups through Educational Institutions, Government and Corporates.
Langma School of Languages New Delhi The only institution in South Delhi offering courses in over 150 languages including regional and international, both short-term and long-term courses.
Language Beyond Kalyan, Maharashtra A group of experienced and native professional teachers/trainers with a thorough study and vast knowledge of the language and culture of France, Spain, Portugal, Russia and more.
Melhor Institute Hyderabad, Telangana Providing superior quality foreign language learning services to prepare students and corporate for global outlook.