Top 10 Promising Ecuador Universities And Colleges - 2023

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Throughout history, universities have brought a lot of benefits to the individuals who had the privilege of attending them, as well as the society in general. In the 21st century, as new discoveries keep appearing coupled with constant technological innovation, higher education has never been more beneficial to the individual and the society of a country in general alike. Namely, the increasing rate of individuals with higher education diplomas appears to be among the crucial factors in the advancement of the global economy and the improvement of the people’s quality of life.

Importance of Higher Education: Higher education is a rich cultural and scientific asset which enables personal development and promotes economic, technological and social change. It promotes the exchange of knowledge, research and innovation and equips students with the skills needed to meet ever changing labour markets. In addition, adults with higher levels of education are more likely to engage in organized volunteer work, to vote, and to donate blood; they are more likely to be in good health and less likely to smoke; and they are less likely to be incarcerated.

Role of Ecuador Universities and Colleges: For nature-lovers, Ecuador has always been pretty much impossible to beat. This country in the northwest corner of South America is renowned worldwide for its incredible biodiversity. Add in a vibrant cultural fusion of indigenous, European and African traditions, and the result is a unique study-abroad experience. Ecuador has over 70 universities, attended by more than 61,000 students. There are as many as 12 Ecuadorian universities in the QS Latin America University Rankings 2018, with the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito the highest-ranked at joint 57th in Latin America. With a long history of higher education, Ecuador boasts two Quito-based universities dating back to the 17th century, now merged to form the Universidad Central del Ecuador.

This issue of Higher Education Review talks about some of the professionally managed colleges in the country, which has been nurtured with best technical and professional infrastructure and assistance from efficient and skilled faculties ensuring delivery of quality higher education and research. This issue spotlights a list of ‘Colleges and University Special – 2023’, the list has been crafted by a team of Industry veterans, CEOs, VCs and the Higher Education Review editorial team.

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EPN Quito A public, secular and democratic University guarantees the freedom of thought of all its members and train researchers and professionals in engineering, science, administrative sciences and technology
FLACSO Ecuador Ecuador A postgraduate institution dedicated to research and teaching and offer around 20 careers throughout 11 departments, including a doctor degree in economics and in political studies
UEES Guayas A non-profit private university is specializes in courses in education, communication, politics and ecology
Universidad Central del Ecuador Quito One of the cornerstones of university is the medical school, which is one of the best in the country and the enrollment in the institution is over 10,000 students per year
Universidad Del Pacifico Guayaquil A higher educational institution officially up and running with the ability to grant degrees at an undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s and PhD level
Universidad Internacional SEK Ecuador Educational Institution offerings align seamlessly with international standards, providing exceptional opportunities for professional development
Universidad San Francisco de Quito Quito A global leader in educational institution train freethinking, innovative, creative, enterprising individuals within the framework of liberal arts and under its founding principles
Universidad Tecnica de Ambato Ambato A technical higher educational university offers courses in the many fields of the sciences and humanities
Universidad Tecnica de Manabi Manabi A public institution provides a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and these programmes include engineering, health sciences, and business administration
Universidad UTE Quito A private higher education institution offers 25 undergraduate programs, specializing in art and humanities, business and administration, engineering and technology