Top 10 Women Leaders in Education Industry - 2020

Top 10 Women Leaders in Education Industry - 2020

The education fraternity has seen some prominent personalities that have reshaped the global education realm for the better. Many have introduced revolutionary ideas and innovative pedagogies for the growth and expansion of the global teaching and learning strata. Women leaders have played a crucial role in the development of the global education sector and their wisdom and knowledge has helped them to not just become good teachers and mentors but also become the catalyst for a positive change. Even in this modern world where there lies a huge disparity between the rich and the poor, education has become the only hope for millions of children around the world. From the most modern countries to the places torn apart by violence and poverty, education is important to nurture young learners who are mentally fit, morally straight and who are capable of making a positive impact in the modern world.

Some of the most prominent women leaders in the education sector have become the keystone in equipping the next generation of learners who are equipped with the needed skills required to thrive in the modern world. Some of the stories of prominent women leaders in the education strata are nothing short of inspiring and their commitment to improve the quality and accessibility of topnotch higher education to all has shaped the course of history. Many women leaders have become inspirational figures for millions across the globe and their contributions have helped us, humans, to grow and prosper as a species.

While sharing their secret mantras of success, few women leaders who are recognized and honored in the global teaching fraternity tell us about their journey and how they fought their way to reach in such an overwhelming position. In order to let the readers of The Higher Education Review know these stories, we present you a list of “Top 10 Women Leaders in Education Industry – 2020”. In this edition, you will get to know more about the unheard stories that will definitely motivate you and help you in your education and life journey.

Top 10 Women Leaders in Education Industry - 2020




Dr. Bhavani M R Principal Nagarjuna Degree College
Anubha Goyal Principal Royal Global School
Anvita Gupta Principal Candor International School
Charu Wahi Principal Surana College
Dr. Kavita Khular Principal Doon International School
Dr. Kiran Singh Principal AVN Vida International School
Dr. Lavanya Mithran Principal Bishop Cottons Girl's School
Suja George Vice Chairperson Alpha Group of Institutions
Nishtha Shukla Anand Trustee & director Shoolini University
Mrs. Chaithanya Prashanth Principal Rohini Nursing College