Private Engineering colleges Survey 2014

Announcing an Indian as the new CEO of Microsoft was the eye catching event to mark the beginning of 2014 globally. When Satya Nadella, an alumnus of Manipal Institute of Technology and Sundar Pichai, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur lined up for the race, it was Satya Nadella who overruled the former IITian to become the next CEO. However, Indian education circle paraphrased it as a competition between private engineering colleges and IITs. From the glittering success of Nadella, it is evident that the IITs are not the sole producer of high quality workforce in India as the country has numerous engineering colleges in the private sector with capabilities of doing the same. It does not mean that every institution from the bundle of nearly 3500 private engineering colleges in the country can cope with the standards of 17 IITs. This makes students' choice more confusing as there are many engineering colleges across the nation, which are performing well and at the same time, there are many institutions that are not able to keep up with the standards. 

With this in mind, Higher Education Review (HER) presents "Top 50 Private Engineering Colleges, 2014" to provide assistance to the large community of engineering aspirants in India. Engineering Survey 2014 was born because, in the journey of HER, we have found many engineering colleges with capability of producing brilliant technocrats and entrepreneurs and some are operating from remote locations around the country. These are not the institutions built up of just brick and mortar. They are well equipped with excellent academic resources and faculties who are capable of turning an average student to an extra ordinary individual. Some of the colleges have already made their mark in the education arena and some are new names but with strong ideologies and innovative pedagogies which have the firepower to transform the present scenario of technical education. We strongly believe that it is important to bring out the names of such institutions into the limelight from the plethora of engineering colleges. 

Apart from exhaustive blue print elucidating the ideas about Engineering Colleges in India, the survey will also foster healthy competition among the institutes to attract the best talent. The survey represents the viewpoints of several renowned and experienced business leaders from the industry. While the survey is conducted on the basis of Nominations received from the institutes, they have been evaluated and shortlisted by a panel of educationalists, HR recruiters, and the HER Editorial team based on the data inputs provided by the institutes. We hope our efforts to create this comprehensive ranking of Engineering Institutes in India will help the student community to make the accurate decisions about their study destinations.

Private Engineering colleges Survey  2014