Abhilash Coach and Educationalist (ACE)

By Abhilash Sinha, Founder
Abhilash Sinha,Founder

Abhilash Sinha


Mumbai, the city of dreams that never sleeps, is an abode of lim- itless opportunities. Like the thousands who come to this city every day, Abhilash Sinha packed his bags from small town in Madhya Pradesh with one dream – to become a teacher like his grandparents. But, with a mediocre education from a small town, young Abhilash was not even able to memorize the Parts of Speech – the basic building block of sentences. Though he was familiar with the terms like Noun, Pronoun, Ad- jective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Interjection and Con- junction, his understanding of some of them was a little sketchy and nobody was there to help him out. However, be it Bollywood, business or education, Mumbai offers something for everyone and Abhilash found an interesting way to fight against the difficulties of Parts of Speech.

“When I came to Mumbai for my further studies, I heard about ‘VADA PAV,’ a staple on-the-go diet for most of the Mumbaikars. Then I extracted the entire first letters from all Parts of Speech ‘N, P, A, V, A, P, I, C’ and made an acronym called PANIC PAV - Pro- noun Adjective Noun Interjection Conjunction Preposi-With an aim to build an institu- tion, which provides education with a unique vision towards academics, ACE provides coaching for all the sections of the society including stu- dents, job aspirants,professionals, housewives, kids and so on.
While, the school going students enjoy rig- orous tutoring for academic subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English and Hindi, ACE offers spoken English and comput-er basics training to job seekers and home makers. In addition to that, the institute provides coaching for CLAT (Common Law Admission Test), the National Level Entrance Exam to get in to the reputed law colleges in India, for aspiring high school students.

Today, Abhilash is not just a coach. He is a mentor, friend, confidante and more importantly a role model for his students at ACE. They share every- thing, from academic doubts to per- sonal issues. “We created this institute tion Adverb Verb,” says Abhilash. By connecting lessons to real life examples, Abhilash enjoyed his studies and un- like many others, education was fun for him. Today, this youngster not only understands the importance having a fun learning environment in student’s life, but prepares the young generation with his real life experiences at his venture, Abhilash Coach and Educationalist (ACE) locat- ed in Navi Mumbai.

Why is ACE so special?Established in 2011, Abhilash Coach and Educationalist, popularly known as ACE, may look like any other bud- ding coaching institutes in the country where the clien- tele is overwhelmingly young – boys and girls aged be- tween 10 and 25. The classes run in shifts and are often full. In the air-conditioned classrooms of ACE, dozens of young students sit close to each other, paying attention to each and every word coming out of the instructors. How- ever, when it comes to the crux where the real learning takes place, Abhilash and his team at ACE strive to make the difference.
“Our teaching approach is to start from the scratch and reach to the level of professionalism in terms of studies. We emphasize the usage of dictionary to enrich the vocabulary of students and we help them to understand the basic concepts of each and every subject in peculiar,” claims Abhilash.
not only for the meritorious students, but also for the mediocre and below average kids. As our tagline says ‘We believe not only in merit but also in growth,’ we give individual attention to every student and the class size is extremely small with 15 – 20 kids at a time,” opines Abhilash. To alleviate the study pressure, the institute has created environment in such an am-icable manner that promotes a fun learning space. However, Abhilash is not alone in this mission. He has em- ployed qualified trainers who are pas- sionate and committed to teaching.

“Though, the teachers we get here are qualified to teach any subjects, I train them personally before they go into the classroom. This avoids the ambiguity in teaching methodology of all our teachers and ensures equiv- alence under any circumstances,” explains Abhilash. While our education system is falling many steps behind the employ- ability, institutes like ACE and educa- tionalists like Abhilash are blessings for our young generation. In a short span of five years since inception, ACE has produced many excellent and meritorious students.

“ACE is an institution, which is wholeheart- edly focused on helping students to realize their goals, choose their ca- reer and prove their actual potential. Development of Intelligence, Com- petitiveness, and Developed Person- ality adorned with Character Build- ing in our students is our motto,” concludes Abhilash.
Mumbai Institute of the year- 2016