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Explicitly visible around us are some unalterable, flawless and creative interior and fashion designs in various geometric and organic forms. Almost all these designs are solicitous creations of professional interior and fashion designers that took the oath to fill the earth with an artistic touch at the time when they pursued degree courses in designing. Among many established designers, some of the renowned fashion designers such as Agnimitra Paul and interior designers like Ajay Shah completed education in designing before becoming what they are today. They pursued design education when it was not so familiar in the Indian learning culture. However, today, there are many design institutes that are fulfilling the necessities of design education. One such design institute, Aesthetic Institute of Design (AID), is taking holistic actions for nurturing the design minds through premium interior and fashion design courses.

Creating Perfect Designers with Carefully Curated Courses
After the formation of Chhattisgarh, educators including design personnel Nimchand Sonar and Shilpi Sonar analyzed the education system of the state. They felt that if a quality design institute with courses on interior and fashion designing, apparel merchandising could be introduced; the education structure would be completed. Going at par with the analysis, the two design veterans established AID in 2010 at the capital city Raipur. Following its establishment, AID started filling the gap of skilled and efficient designers in the city and across the country. In due course, the design institute became the wisdom generator for some of India's multitalented designers. While at present AID is near to heading the double digit mark in terms of its existence, because of the hard work put in forth by the teaching staffs and the administration, it has accomplished to transpire as a leading interior and fashion designing institute in the country.

Amidst giving learning opportunities for students to pursue traditional diploma, advanced diploma, B.Sc., and M.Sc. degree route in fashion designing, interior designing, and advanced diploma in apparel
merchandising, AID also promotes latest trends of world fashion in its curriculum. The creative and talented design enthusiasts get chance to learn these design courses from an experienced and expert set of teachers. The teachers have vast knowledge over technicality of garment design and hands-on experience in multiple fashion and interior designing projects. "At the same time, they stay abreast with the day-to-day changes in Indian and world fashion. So, teaching-learning is always regarded as an uninterrupted process at AID. It's an unproblematic career building ground for students who want organize professional endeavor in the apparel/garment production and selection at the managerial levels," shares Nimchand Sonar, Chairman, AID. Moreover, the fashion designing courses circle around production, costing, marketing and presentation of garments alongside giving importance to the various design techniques.

"AID has received numerous awards and accolades from globally acclaimed brands like INDO-ASEAN, Prime Time, Brands"

Channelizing Creative Thoughts into Real Life Fashion and Interior Designing
In its exceptional campus, AID has incorporated modern day facilities which are revealed from the separate laboratories for drafting, sewing, and software training. Especially for drafting, the design institute has dedicated one lab for interior drafting and another one for pattern making. In these labs, the students get access to the available resources anytime during the learning hours. And since AID is dedicated in uncovering the hidden gems of fashion and interior designing, they never interfere or discredit the natural creative flair of the students. Instead, the teachers motivate them to grow through self and shared efforts. The students receive enough encouragement from the teachers at each and every step for following their innate design instinct. Subsequently, most of the time, the work for the teachers become easy as they simply implant the technical and practical aspects of fashion and interior designs to the students' minds.

In addition to optimizing the creative aptitudes of the students and guiding them in attaining professional expertise, AID perfectly silhouettes the career decisions of the aspiring designers by streamlining their assessment over selecting the appropriate design course. AID
not only dispenses design perceptions and insights to the wannabe designers, but also has been an impactful educator for the apparel marketers. The future marketing spearheads get details about retailing, fashion, coordination, international marketing, quality control, garment costing and production management. "Our academicians have embraced the idea of it and amalgamated and balanced the curriculum perfectly for the students to learn all the marketing aspects related to fashion and interior design. Besides, the curriculum involves overall training of the interior designing students on the latest materials, plans, projects, and surveys," states Shilpi Sonar, Founder, AID. What's more is that the institute has organized schemes and foreign collaborations that allow students to work for clients around the country. And the students gain concrete experience about design professionalism through it.

Starring its contribution in the field of design education, AID has received numerous awards and accolades from globally acclaimed brands like INDO-ASEAN, Prime Time, Brands Impact, Worldwide Achievers and a lot more. Recently AID received an award for being "The Leading Fashion and Interior Design Institute of the Year 2019 in Central India" by World Signature Award ­ 2019. "On a personal note, I'm proud to share that I was awarded for outstanding achievements in chosen field of activity by Nelson Mandela World Peace Award," smilingly asserts Nimchand. With these accomplishments in the jar, AID is destined to revamp the fashion and interior designing market by increasing the numbers of extraordinary fashion and interior designers in the country.

Nimchand Sonar, Chairman
Nimchand is an experienced and knowledgeable person in the field of fashion and interior designing. He has supreme experience about the industries in the verticals of apparel merchandising and garment production. By sharing his experience at AID, Nimchand fosters pivotal learning experience

Shilpi Sonar, Founder
Shilpi has an established brand 'Creations' in the interior designing sector that has been contributing to the development of interior designing for decades. She is also a leading designer in central India. AID is Shilpi's dream project that happened in 2010.
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