Sanjeev Darak,Director

Sanjeev Darak


While studying Masters in Business Administration in the United Kingdom, Sanjeev Darak, Director, Alfa Education Consultancy (AEC), realized that a lot of Indians visited the UK for higher education purposes. According to him, the education consultants were playing a huge part in the process and helping the students in every dimension to pursue higher education at international locations. This was a defining realization in Sanjeev's career as he became excited about establishing an education consultancy and help students in accomplishing their dreams. Being an excellent communicator amalgamated with stupefying convincing and counseling skills, Sanjeev took no time in giving colors to his dreams. He completed MBA in 2009, started researching on abroad higher education and talked with students about their career needs and desires. Initially, Sanjeev started with the UK consultancy in 2010 and gradually increased the consultancy's horizon in other countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and Dubai.

AEC is promoting management, engineering, mass communication, and fashion designing courses for career enhancement of the students. They counsel the students based-on the course requirement and eligibility and provide solution in terms of best abroad universities. "We always tell the students that don't choose the country, instead choose a good university. For instance, let's say a candidate is going to the US for pursuing a two years master's course, and immediately after course completion, they would need a job for visa extension. But if they don't get the job, they will have to come back to India. So, if the candidate wants to settle abroad, we guide the candidate
to go to Canada, because Canada gives three years of work permit. We steer the candidates in selecting the best university and country to study. However, only students with good academic background are eligible for admission in above average universities," says Sanjeev Darak, Director, AEC.

"AEC helps graduates and working professionals, who want to move ahead in the career curve to pursue higher education through their distance counsel program"

For engineering students who aspire to study masters abroad, AEC recommends them to take GRE exam beforehand, in which students need at least 300 or above 310 to get into a good university in Canada or USA. And if a candidate fails to get that much, AEC recommends them for retest. "If the candidates remain scoreless in the second attempt, then they won't get admission in good universities in the Canada. So, we counsel and train them for getting good GRE marks. That's how we push them, so that they can study in the best universities," states Sanjeev. He further explains, "Since I completed MBA from University of Wales, I know what sort of problems students can face in the UK, which helps me to convey the pros and cons to them. Adding to this, I have a lot of friends, relatives and students staying in the UK. So, I'm able to give the UK going candidates their contacts for reference and inquiry."

Achieving Success in Education Consulting
Describing the success rate in getting a job in the foreign countries, Sanjeev said that over 70 percent of students have been able to get a job, which is fairly evident from the fact that one of Sanjeev's students, who was studying in Middlesex University, has now got a job in London Business School. "The student that I'm talking about became an Indian ambassador at the time of studying and in the entire university life, it guided every Indian student. Moreover, the UK has started internship programs
lately. In the second year, it has become mandatory for students to participate in internship programs, which is provided by the university itself," elucidates Sanjeev. Apart from counseling students in abroad study programs, distance education is another vertical that AEC provides services. Through the distance counsel program, AEC helps graduates and working professionals, who want to move ahead in the career curve to pursue higher education. Following the completion of this, the students get opportunity to reach managerial level.

Because of excellent services, AEC has won awards from Prahlad Kakkar (Indian Film Director) for being The Most Promising Education Consultants in Mumbai. They also received an award for The Best Institute from Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand in 2014 and the director, Sanjeev himself received The Youngest Successful Entrepreneur award from Karishma Kappor. Recently in 2016, The Right Choice Award for The Most Trusted Institute for Distance Education added one more wonderful prize to AEC's collection. This everlasting achievement has been possible for AEC due to its trainers and counselors. The trainers are extremely experienced and guide the students for GRE, IELTS, SAT and TOEFL comprehensively and train the students with absolute perfection. AEC now aims to become an entity that conducts seminars and workshops. Marking a good reputation thanks to the scintillating services, already AEC has students coming from Gulf countries like UAE, Oman and Dubai. And good words from them are inviting more students in this education consultancy.

Sanjeev Darak, Director
Sanjeev has vast experience in abroad higher education and provides perfect counseling solutions for selecting proper universities in the UK, Australia, Canada, USA, Singapore and India. He also promotes distance education and provides training for entrance examinations like CAT, CMAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL and Banking.
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