Anup Srivastava,Founder

Anup Srivastava


Deep in the heart of million Indians repose dreams that were once aspiring and ambitious. Dreamers leaned towards a vision of dazzling future and becoming professional giants in their respective fields, which made them zeal in studies during elementary school days. However, as time elapsed, each second a dream is sacrificed due to traditional higher education structure, which has demands of a proper mentorship and guidance to excel in competitive examinations. A major section of the population has no surplus financial superpower to invest and avail the best tutors and getting admission to any prestigious institute. To obviate the jeopardizing situation, a group of members from the state of Uttar Pradesh has established AllinOne Classes, where students are charged with minimal tuition fees and benefited with unique group studies, one-to-one classes, study materials and regular tests.
While the road to advance education is still under construction in India, AllinOne Classes has taken a pledge to make the journey hassle free. Describing the progress, Anup Srivastava, founder of AllinOne Classes says, "Technological developments have taken a jet speed in the 21st century, also enriching the educational bracket. Students can gather knowledge at any time of the day through our mobile application, specially the aspirants who live in the rural parts of the country and do not have access to any acclaimed organization. Now they have the opportunity to learn from qualified and experienced trainers. Our students someday will touch new feet of discovery and innovation."

"AllinOne Classes provides ISC and HSC students with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with regular mentoring for ISCE, CBSE and UP board examinations"

As the name suggests, AllinOne Classes provides ISC and HSC students with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with regular mentoring for ISCE, CBSE and UP board examinations. The road to victory has many laps and without proper mocks, it is nearly impossible to take part in the finals. Following this moral, the mentors conduct weekly and monthly online tests for a student to perform magnificently in the final examination.
Besides, they have introduced test series for entrance examinations like NEET, Diploma Entrance and Bank PO examination, where NEET is the most popular one.

Establishing a Different Perspective to Learning

Over the years in India, it has been a vital concern for parents regarding their daughter's security. The state of Uttar Pradesh has no exceptional situation. "Earlier parents were afraid to send their daughters to coaching centers, which are far from their home. Despite being sharp in studies, many girl students have missed the chance to build a successful career. This fact has held our country a step back from being one of the top nations in the development charts. I got inspired to provide education to every child of the country including our daughters, which brought me to launch the online classes in the first place," claims Anup.

Moving forward always requires a green signal for an organisation to commence with their project. Although, the portal has the approval from the Uttar Pradesh government for providing online classes in rural areas, at present AllinOne is not associated with any national or international institutes. However, the academic team of AllinOne is determined to assist rural students in achieving their goal through the doorstep teachings.
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