American University in Bulgaria


After its establishment in September 1991 and with branches across 40 countries on five continents, American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) has about 1,000 students among which 15 percent are international.
According to the national education ranking 2017 edition, AUBG has been the education leader for seven consecutive years. It is a private funded, non-profit institution which grants its finance from educational activities. The world-class faculty members create an innovative and real-world learning environment across arts, humanities, business and technology. The AUBG students are free to choose their own areas of study and set their own curriculum. They develop into inquisitive, compassionate leaders and come out as creative problem solvers and responsible global citizens. After graduation,
students of AUBG have a reputation for success in their careers with many going on to the world’s leading schools and employers and being valued members of the tight-knit global network alumni. AUBG aims in educating students of outstanding potential in a community of academic excellence, diversity and respect and prepare them for democratic and ethical leadership in serving the needs of the region and the world. In the next two years, they envision in producing 4,000 outstanding and successful alumni in academics and profession on the world stage across private, government and individual ventures.
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