Baku Engineering University


On November 8, 2016, the Baku Engineering University was established by the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for imparting technological and engineering knowledge to the youth of the country and in turn create highly
educated and qualified individuals in this sector. The engineering university not only fabricates engineers of tomorrow, it also executes programs on fundamental and applied scientific research. In the recent times, the university provides education based on the level of development of the Azerbaijani economy, which is to prepare experts who can work with innovative technologies and in turn enhance the production process. Operating in a big campus located in Absheron, it aims to enrich the Azerbaijani society through technical and professional lifetime. The modern material-technical and experienced academic
base allows the university to instil theoretical and practical skills on students and prepare them with professional, technical, leadership and innovative knowledge. Students of Baku Engineering University get the opportunity to practise abroad through the Foreign University Student exchange Programme. Students, who want to continue higher education of and study Master and Doctoral degrees, have the opportunity to do so in this university. Also, the sport and socio-cultural events make a joyful life for the students during their study here in Baku Engineering University.
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