Future of Analytics is Here

Forbes predicts that SAS will be one of the key leaders to carry out Data Analytics in the market of data technology and services and will reach $6.5B by 2020. The Indian market too will continue its fast growth rates and as the demand increases the supply will have to be met at a similar pace. Furnishing this need of the industry the expertise of professionals for analytics is enhanced by AnalytixLabs- a training institute.

AnalytixLabs provides training in Data Science, Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics, and Data Visualization and Analytics using SAS & R, these are certified courses offered across corporate and individual batches. The courses are design driven in accordance with various job roles in analytics and are categorized into 3 stages: Descriptive-beginners course using SAS, Predictive- Intermediate course covering statistical and predictive analytics using tools like SAS & R and Prescriptive- Advanced course using big data platform of Hadoop and Spark, combined with Python for advanced analytics and machine learning. Each course is delivered in three forms of learning- classroom, live online and video- based. Divided into sub-modules, these courses include assignments and real-life project work for experiential learning. The institute trains 250 students from various part of the
world such as US, UK, Singapore and Australia every month across 5-6 different courses who have various educational backgrounds.
“Supply of human resources in the corporate sector indulges painstaking efforts for the organization as they need to provide series of trainings at first to bridge the skill gap required in the industry and only then an individual is ready to carry on the work,” says Sumeet Bansal, CEO & Co-Founder, AnalytixLabs. With Sumeet Bansal,CEO & Co-Founder

Sumeet Bansal

CEO & Co-Founder

data driven cultures in organizations, continual learning-unlearning and skill enhancement has become imperative and thus the role of institutes like AnalytixLabs comes into action. The courses offered are designed is structurally aligned in a way that it provides experiential learning to candidates. Case studies used as examples during the training are close to real-life situations so that the students are fully prepared once they get their jobs. In order to stick to the commitment, the trainers of the institute are experienced in analytics and keep abreast of the latest developments in the same. They carry an average experience of 8-10 years with descent industrial experience as well. As AnalytixLabs boasts of their trainers, they consider them as a great source of learning and mentorship for students.
As the institute completes their fifth year Bansal reckons, “the most challenging part was to get people have faith in analytics and in the effectiveness of live online training.” However, the institute records more than 70 percent business through live online training. AnalytixLabs is progressing to earn reputation overseas after being the pioneer in analytics education in India. Recently, they have also collaborated in Malaysia as a step towards a global platform for advance analytics and seek to continue by adding more niche and specialized courses that shall benefit analytics candidates and also keep upgrading the existing ones.
Training Provider of the Year 2016