Raghuveer Naik,Director

Raghuveer Naik


Despite witnessing the unprecedented growth rates of the animation industry in the country, there is a lack of awareness and knowledge regarding this domain among the different stakeholders of education. There is still a mindset that animation education is for individuals who are unable to carve a career in professions like engineering, medicine, and management. Coming into existence as Aniframes Studio Pvt. Ltd. in 2016, the initiation of Aniframes- College of Arts, Animation & Multimedia was to abolish such perceptions and disseminate insights regarding the thriving demand of animation professionals across the world. The institute focuses on educating the learners in an environment where there will be a right mix of creativity in the curriculum, which in turn will
help the students to be innovative.

"What makes us unique from the counterpart institutions is that we preach out-of-the-box thinking in our teaching and learning process. Students are given ample space to think and interpret without any hindrances," says Raghuveer Naik, Director, Aniframes. Given this, students at Aniframes tend to grow as good communicators in addition to improving their emotional and critical thinking skills. The institute offers a wide range of courses including Diploma in Animation Film Making, Diploma in Multimedia & Animation Film Making, Certificate in 2D Animation & Flash, Certificate in Visual FX & Composing and so on. Additionally, associated with Mysore Central Academy of Arts & Multimedia, Certified by the University of Mysore, to offer a 3 years full time 'BSc in Animation Film Making' Degree to Students.

The final curriculum for each course is outlined by the institute giving heed to the industry requirements ensuring that the students don't have to suffer after they complete their respective courses. "We are not only responsible to hand over the degrees to the students. It is our responsibility to look after the fulfillment of their dreams and make them job-ready from day one," pinpoints Naik. The institute prides itself on having a strong and
competent technical team that is always on their toes to transfer the best educational experiences to the students. Naik elaborates, "All the trainers of Aniframes believe in training the students using maximum practical approaches instead of staying confined within the theories and classroom".

"Constant mentoring, project-based learning and individual attention are basically the perks which the students of Aniframes are assured of"

Constant mentoring, project-based learning and individual attention are basically the perks which the students of Aniframes are assured of. "We have extended several tie-ups with the industry to make sure that our students get access ample exposure in the real workspace," shares Mr. Naik. The institute is backed by finest laboratories such as VFX labs, Animation Labs, Sound Recording Labs and so on with well-equipped facilities, rendering the students a platform to learn through doing. PG & Hostel facilities for outstation students. Holding determined goal of promoting artistic freedom in the premises, Aniframes strives to be the premier institute for multimedia education and becomes a worldwide influence as an education provider in the field of learning and creativity, with its presence felt across the country.
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