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By Prof. Ashok Ogra,, Director
Prof. Ashok Ogra,,Director he Indian Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry
is a booming sector and is making much greater
progress with the help of allied sectors such as
advertising and public relations. The industry got
a boost with the much recent increase in internet users. In
2015, India had 277.4 million internet users. This number
is expected to rise to 411.1 million internet users in 2018.
Today most of the main stream media channels has an online
version and has greater reach than ever before. The rapid
growth of digital advertising has led to more and more media
houses opting for an online platform. Advertising and public
relations are the two major revenue generating sectors of
media industry. With the Indian luxury market estimated to
grow exponentially in the next few years, the advertising and
PR sector is looking at a huge boost. The revenue generated
by these two sectors is going to be much greater than it is
today and the Indian economy will have a great boost because
of that.
The Indian media & Entertainment sector is projected
to reach $ 100 billion by 2025, from its estimated size of $
17.85 billion in 2015. The media industry is the only industry that can take in a new product and business and validate it
in the eyes of the public in the form of advertising, coverage
and brand building by public relations. With many sectors
working under the same roof, the media industry is also
able to generate a large amount of job opportunities for the
professionals. The projected forecasts of the developments in
media industry make it evident that a lot more professionals
are going to be needed in the industry in the near future.
Hence, to aid enthusiasts, students and aspiring candidates
alike, who are looking for a good platform to acquire the skills
to enter and survive the industry, we are coming up with an
issue that can rid them of their woes. The January issue of The
Higher Education Review Magazine will focus on foremost
educational Institutes across the country that are providing
quality education in media and entertainment under the
banner "20 Most Promising Media and Mass Communication
Institutes.” The institutes have been selected on the basis
of how well they prepare the students for the industry,
educational collaborations, placements, research and the
quality of performance they deliver, all of which implies their
performance to bring in quality to the education system.
acebook, Twitter, Blogs, Orkut, Citizen
Journalism, Web Journalism - all part of the 21st
Century vocabulary, are not just ‘Social Media’
platforms but also an effective medium for sharing
news & videos and also for building brands/products
through PR and Advertising in the form of banners and
pop-ups. This convergence of technologies that has given
birth to so many new ways of communication has changed
the way we create, deliver and consume media. This has
resulted in more job opportunities in various areas of mass
communication whether it be Advertising, Public Relations,
Broadcast Journalism, Event Management, Production,
Bollywood, FM or the emerging fields of New Media.
Already, the entire Entertainment & Media industry is
witnessing huge growth with the size expected to reach Rs.
1, 96, 400 crores approximately by 2019. Apeejay Institute
of Mass Communication (AIMC) was set up in 2003 to cater
to this growing demand for trained manpower.
Currently, the institute offers full time 1 year Post
Graduate Diploma Programmes in: Advertising & Marketing
Communication, Corporate Communication & Event
Management, Television & Radio Journalism/ Production
and Digital Media & Online Journalism. These programmes
are conducted by a highly specialized and experienced team
of professionals & practitioners from the industry and the
academia. This gives AIMC a unique distinction of blending
the curricula of a media institute with that of a film school
& a journalism institute. These skill-oriented courses
empower students to confront the competitive world.
The Post Graduate Diploma pass out students of AIMC
are eligible for direct admission into the 2nd year of MA
Journalism & Mass Communication in the UGC recognised,
Apeejay Stya University, Sohna, Gurgaon. Regular student
and faculty interaction with noted professionals from the
corporate world is helping us in grooming our students
to meet the current market demand. Entering the 14th
academic session of this Institute, having a strong network
of alumni, its ambassadors who personally come to share
their experiences of the media Industry are a testimony to
the institute's focus on quest for excellence.
20 Most Promising Media and Mass Communication Institutes