Asian Law College: Encouraging Student To Develop An Integrated Personality And A Greater Competitive Spirit

By Dr. Tarak Nath Prasad, Principal, Asian Law College
Dr. Tarak Nath Prasad,Principal, Asian Law College

Dr. Tarak Nath Prasad

Principal, Asian Law College

To equip the students with the necessary theoretical and practical skills to deal with the diverse and escalating world of legal practice, the Indian legal education sector is continuously renovating itself. With a mission to establish well researched and pragmatic approach towards legal education and practice to enable its students to meet the ever-increasing demand of the legal profession, Asian Law College (ALC) aims at evolving practical skills of students and helps to convert the student’s abilities into legal and managerial competence which is need of the hour.

Established in 2016, ALC is affiliated with the Choudhury Charan Singh University of Meerut and is committed to exploring multidisciplinary approaches through its unique curriculum and revolutionizing legal education by making use of modern pedagogies thereby adapting to the dynamic world in which law professionals operate. Promoting the growth of the students with education, ALC strives to strengthen society by developing the aspiring lawyers, judges and academicians to be an asset to the society and nation through their professional services. Asian Law college creates and nurtures a high intellectual legal mindset to endorse best ethical practices and encourage innovative techniques to attend legal as well as personal goals of the students, to contribute nation's legal system at large.

Promoting A Dynamic and Creative Learning Environment
Strongly believing that a blend of relevant knowledge, skills and the right attitude is essential for the overall development of students which will determine their growth and success in every sphere of life, students at ALC are
nourished by the critical learning pedagogy and mentored and supported by faculty and staff so that they experience the best. With an unmatched array of courses and academic offerings, students at ALC have an opportunity to pursue a broad curriculum using rich educational resources in a dynamic and creative learning environment.

“Strictly adhering to the bar Council of India, we conduct moot court practices along with visits to different agencies like police stations, prison, parliament, court, NGOs and more, so that, our students would be exposed to understand the law and society in total. Apart from our contemporary curriculum which is prescribed by the Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut, we also provide certain diploma and certificate program to our students such as Diploma in cyber law from Asian School of cyber law, Pune, Diploma in IPR, Diploma in Media and Government Law from Asian Academy of Film and Television, certificate program in corporate and legal communication and so on. We also started providing Judicial Academy classes from Feb 2020, which was inaugurated by Honourable Former Chief Justice of India, Justice Dipak Mishra,” shares Dr. Tarak Nath Prasad, Principal, Asian Law College.

“A major chunk of our law students either opt for litigation advocacy, judiciary, or prefer to join government agencies and civil services as law officers”

Forming A Robust Nexus with Reputed Organizations Apart from the exclusive curriculum which is constantly adapted according to the evolving legal arena at a global level, ALC is adorned with skilled faculties who not only hold expertise across various areas of law but also have a wide range of teaching and research experience. Collaborating with different NGOs and government organizations where students are provided with internships, ALC helps students to get exposed to different legal aspects, even before the start of their careers.
Starting from NGOs like Navjyoti Foundation, HelpAge India, smile Foundation, the college is also associated with many government organizations such as Reserve Bank of India, Centre for social equity and inclusions, World Health Organization, Supreme Court, Juvenile Justice Board, Human Rights Law Network, District Legal Service Authority and so on.

In abroad also, the institution has collaborated with the University of Cape Town which enables students to get enrolled in workshops and certificate courses of international law. “We also assist our students to get into armed forces such as Army, Navy, Air Force, and other paramilitary forces like BSF, ITBP, CRPF, and so on as law officers. So, we prepare students to face the service selection board pattern in their final year. A major chunk of our law students either opt for litigation advocacy, judiciary or prefer to join government agencies and civil services as law officers,” avers Dr Tarak Nath Prasad.

ALC is determined to further strengthen the tieups with more organizations in the upcoming days, which will enhance the students to get more industry exposure at a national and international level. Heading towards NAAC Accreditations in the future, ALC is leaving no stones unturned to ensure optimum quality education for its students. Looking forward to bring a paradigm shift in the delivery of legal education in the country, ALC intends to incorporate new dimensions in legal education. Introducing International standards in the legal education environment which would enhance freedom and innovation in the dynamic pursuit of thoughts, ALC is also looking forward to involve other national and international agencies to play a pivotal role in framing socially relevant policies in the legal sector. Emerging as a leading law school of world-class repute, ALC is not only excelling in the field of legal education but is also becoming a benchmark for other budding institutions of this domain.
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