Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal,Founder and President, Executive Supreme Board

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal

Founder and President, Executive Supreme Board

Higher education institutions are much greater than academic centers as they play a vital role in preparing high-level human resources to assist in national development. Baskent University was formed from such a development perspective. While many universities and research centers have failed in adjusting their interests to national requirements in many countries, the Baskent University focuses on developing differentiated and effective academic systems in accordance with global knowledge society standards and national interests. "In response to Turkey's need for high-quality institutions of higher education, the Organ Transplant, and Burns Treatment Foundation which has been in operation since 1980 made the decision to turn its existing complexes into a university. After the foundation of the first hospital in Ankara on September 16, 1985, Baskent University was launched in 1993, for the purposes of educating individuals who uphold Atatürk's principles, embrace science as their guide, have a national consciousness, have an inquisitive, productive, analytical and integrative mindset, are respectful to human rights and nature, and are creative and innovative," narrates Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal, Founder and President of Baskent University.

Bakent University, the first foundation university to teach health sciences in Turkey, is committed to assisting students in building valuable life and professional skills. The university's mission statement says: "Our ultimate aim is to raise analytical, innovative, and creative minds holding the principals of Atatürk as self-evident truths and seeking science, sharing it in an objective manner for the benefit of humanity and the world; promoting the development of technological, socio-economic and cultural levels by conducting research and spreading science." True to their mission, the university offers students an opportunity to learn through the 'practicing and living method,' which allows them to learn more than one foreign language, receive art lessons, and improve their self-esteem through 'student-based practices.'Recognized as the first university in Turkey with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)certification,
Baskent University is one of the
leading universities in the world, which promotes a student-centric education system along with a special emphasize on industry-best practices. "What makes Baskent University different from other institutions is our capacity to design programs and curricula according to changing global demands, such as the establishment of the first Biomedical Engineering Program, Technology, and Knowledge Management Program, and Health Care Management Program. Additionally, Baskent is the leading University on the international accreditation of programs and provides its graduates with a diploma supplement label and ECTS label of European Union. That is why our alumni surpass their peers in the job market and in their professional lives. Our institution is the most popular foundation university in Ankara based on the Student Placement Exam Results of Turkey," Prof. Haberal said.

"Baskent University, the first foundation university to teach health sciences in Turkey, is committed to assisting students in building valuable life and professional skills".

Situated in Balica, 20 km away from Ankara city, Baskent University welcomes students to a vivid campus life enclosed with five million trees and many state-of-the-art facilities. Above all, the university hosts a great number of international student population, which now represents 32 countries across the globe. Prof. Haberal shares that "Foreign students often prefer the capital city Ankara, where Bakent University is located. Well known as the safest city in Turkey with the lowest crime rates, Ankara houses a multitude of museums, cultural centers and activities. Additionally, its lively social context offers a high quality of life to its inhabitants." In every aspect, Balica Campus offers students a dynamic living and learning environment. With over 100 student clubs and societies, students are encouraged to take part in a variety of social, cultural and sporting activities. In terms of financial support, the university has formulated several merit-based scholarships for students. All students enrolled at Baskent are eligible for a scholarship if and only if they show high achievement in their studies. Currently, 61 percent of students are receiving scholarships, where all scholarships lasting for the duration of the education period of the students.

Allowing students to improve their competitiveness, Baskent University also provides a diverse array of internship possibilities through their well-connected strategic partnerships with other national as well as international institutions. The university supports theoretical knowledge with practical experience by giving the internship opportunities in its 36 health and training institutions across the country. Prof. Haberal adds, "Internship is compulsory in specific departments at Baskent University, and it is a prerequisite for
graduation. In every department, there are training coordinators to organize and carry out the training and internship of the students. Baskent University, owning the Extended Erasmus University Charter allows the students to fulfill their training obligation in Europe."

Since 1993 Baskent University has grown up steadily with its staff, student and alumni. With many distinctive and significant resources and benefits that differentiate it from the other universities, Baskent University meets the needs of more than 15,000 students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Currently, Baskent University administers a Faculty of Medicine as well as ten other faculties, a state conservatoire, seven academic and research institutes, seven vocational high schools, two private high schools, two hotels for practical training, a TV Channel and a Radio station (with global broadcasting capabilities) and an orchestra. In addition, with its 13 hospitals and outpatient clinics, 10 independent dialysis centers, and two rehabilitation centers, Baskent University is part of the national medical network and is the leading health care provider in Turkey, second only to the Ministry of Health. "Today, Baskent serves both the healthcare and education systems as a 3rdGeneration University with an internalization policy of global reach while encouraging innovation, technology development, and entrepreneurship by supporting all the needs of society. On its 25th Anniversary, Baskent celebrated becoming a bridge from Tokyo from Buenos Aires. Moving ahead, Baskent University envisions becoming an apex in every area of advanced health practices as a benchmark with its high-quality education at international standards," Prof. Haberal concluded.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal, Founder and President of the Executive Supreme Board
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal, MD, FACS (Hon), FICS (Hon), FASA (Hon), FIMSA (Hon), is a world-renowned transplant and general surgeon. In 1975, Mehmet Haberal performed the first living-related kidney transplant in Turkey. Alongside his active career in organ transplantation and burn treatment, he was an early participant in the move to create private non-profit higher education institutions in Turkey by establishing Bakent University. He has dedicated the past 30 years to ensuring that Bakent University provides the highest standard of education and health-care services on a national and international scale.
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