Belgorod State University: Offering Wholesome Education To Make Students Industry - Ready

By Vladislav A. Kuchmistyy, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation
Vladislav A. Kuchmistyy,Vice-Rector for International Cooperation

Vladislav A. Kuchmistyy

Vice-Rector for International Cooperation

In Russia, higher education of students is taken seriously, and the Russian government constantly launches numerous initiatives to make the national higher education system one of the best in the world. Established in 1876 as a teacher-training Institute, Belgorod State National Research University was recognized as one of the largest pedagogical institutes in Russia by 1954. In the 1980s, it was one of only nine universities in the country where foreign students could study. Later, in 1996, the institute was developed into a classical university, and further in 2010, it was awarded the status of a National Research University. To this day, the University operates with the mission to train highly-skilled specialists who will display their proficiency and will be in high demand in the labour market and in the research community, both in Russia and abroad. The University’s prompt development is really a unique feature of its educational establishment for today it participates in the mainstream global education processes.

Uniqueness at its Core
The University comprises of nine institutes and two vocational schools which offer 255 fields of training and 349 training programs. Among them are eight programs taught in English and over 20 joint educational programs implemented in cooperation with the partner universities. Three of Belgorod State University’s training programs enjoy a EUR-ACE® certificate of quality. Also, for the purposes of joint educational programs, Belgorod State University cooperates with partner universities in Germany, France, the Netherlands, China and many other countries. As for unique learning environment, the University provides all facilities necessary for practice-oriented training. In the first place, students develop practical skills working at the University’s state-of-the-art laboratories and at the Medical Institute Simulation Centre. As early as in their first academic year, students get to
do internships at various medical organizations where they can develop their professional skills. For instance, 16 out of the 22 specialized departments at the Institute of Medicine are located in the city clinics which enable medical students to start building up their work experience right from the beginning of their studies.

Over the years, Belgorod State University has reached a great number of national and international achievements and recognitions which is proved by its positioning in the major global university rankings. Vladislav A. Kuchmistyy, ViceRector for International Cooperation of the University says, “Our positions in credible University rankings give us grounds to be proud of our scientific achievements. For instance, according to ARWU 2020 published by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, Belgorod State University is among the TOP100 in Metallurgical Engineering in the world (76-100), and 2nd among the Russian universities. Apart from that, Belgorod State University is ranked 167 in QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia University Ranking 2020. In Times Higher Education WUR 2020, Belgorod State University is ranked in the 1001+ band, also entering two THE Subject rankings – Engineering and technology (301-400) and Physical sciences (601-800), regional ranking –Emerging Economies University Rankings (301-400) and new Impact rankings (301-400). Also, in Forbes list of the best Russian universities, we rank 38 thamong the TOP50. The University’s positions in major academic rankings and expert opinions bear testimony to its high status”.

“Belgorod State University has reached a great number of national and international achievements and recognitions which is proved by its positioning in the major global university rankings”

Practising an Inclusive Learning Environment
Belgorod State University is in high demand in the global education market which is confirmed by its position in Russia’s Ministry of Education and Science’s TOP-10 Russian Universities Ranking in terms of international students’ numbers. “Over 3,000 students from 92 countries study here at the moment. Students choose our
University for its history is rich in events and traditions and at the same time the University is in the vanguard of the most advanced practices in higher education. There are a number of other factors that attract students and their parents including the variety of training programs, academic exchange programs with partner universities all over the world, value for money, convenient city location, city’s safety and cleanliness. The University is also part of some major world associations. For instance, in 2018, Belgorod State University became a Co-Founder of the New Hanseatic League of Universities which originally comprised 10 Universities from the US, Germany, China, The Netherlands, Belgium, South Korea and other countries and has been rapidly expanding of late. Also, in 2019, Belgorod State University became a network cooperation integrator for the ‘Innovative Solutions in Agribusiness’ Global Research and Education Centre established in Belgorod region”, adds Mr. Kuchmistyy.

To provide aspiring Indian students with an opportunity to experience education of the highest standards, Belgorod State University cooperates with the Federal Agency for the CIS, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) representative office in Delhi. Students who have been selected for studying in the Russian Federation by their representative offices in India receive an opportunity to study at Belgorod State University free of charge for the whole period of studies along with receiving a Russiafunded scholarship. For students who are interested in their career development, and dream about having unforgettable experiences that student life offers, Belgorod State University can be considered as a viable option for getting higher education.

Vladislav A. Kuchmistyy, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation
Associate Professor at Belgorod State University. In 1995 he graduated with honours from Belgorod State Pedagogical University and soon obtained a PhD in Philology. From 1998 to 2005 he worked as a junior lecturer, senior lecturer and assistant professor of the English Department of the Roman and Germanic Philology at Belgorod State University.
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