raneeth Yashaswi Kasula,CEO Praneeth Yashaswi Kasula, a student of Computer Engineering at University of California, U.S, is one of the youngest CEOs in India today. His company, Cubical Reach, has already punched $ 30,000 in revenue with numerous clients based in the U.S. with hardly a year's time in the office. Talking about the warm reception that Cubical Reach received despite being a startup, Praneeth says, "In the U.S. things are slightly different when compared to India. As long as you give them a quality product, they do not hassle over the reputation of the company." Started as a Social Media Marketing firm with an innovative approach to promote small and medium businesses on a global scale, Cubical Reach has grown into a high-end technology firm that has the ability to provide various services such as Customized application development, integrated digital marketing solutions, and web application development. Praneeth intends to launch Cubical Reach in India through an office in Hyderabad as he has niche offerings for Indian clients.

The Indian startup ecosystem has many companies that offer digital marketing solutions and web development services. However, many of them do not have international caliber as they are still using old technologies. In all our services, we integrate User Experience Designs (UXD), which is a disruptive innovation in the web design arena and not many Indian companies have awoken to it," says Praneeth. UX Design provides an interface that is comfortable and even fun to use by addressing the needs and circumstances of users and the field has transitioned from being a cosmetic feature to an important driver in software development. As UX Design moves from the fringes to the mainstream, there is understandably a huge surge in the demand for talent. According to various reports there may be 50,000 people with the ability to work in this field, in the entire globe – which plays the odds in favor of the young firm.
Praneeth, who has worked with Computing and Communication Center at the University of California as a Junior User Experience Designer for over 18 months, has a better understanding of User Experience Design. Though, the services that Cubical Reach offers can be used for any businesses, as a young entrepreneur, Praneeth has a special focus on educational establishments in India. He says, "Today's youngsters are gathering information from social media and other online channels rather than tradition mediums like print and TV advertisements. Hence, educational institutions can play on an even ground by strengthening their online presence and our UX Design based services will offer an extra edge to our clients in India." In the coming years of operations in India, Praneeth sees himself leading the company to become one of the top tech firms in India by helping small and medium businesses grow through their technical expertise. "For many youngsters in the country, entrepreneurship only exists as an option as they do not want a mainstream job. But, if they are doing it with a passion then success is inevitable," concludes Praneeth, whose enthusiasm towards entrepreneurship has been triggered by the world changing personality of Steve Jobs.
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