20 Most Promising Business Service Providers for Education

The higher education sector in India holds very promising prospects owing to its huge potential. With an estimated 150 million people in the age group of 18-23 years, the sector offers one of the most attractive yet highly complex markets for the private and foreign players. Hence, higher education is no longer a monopoly of the government or a "protected industry" in our country. Local and transnational private entities have entered this field because of expanding economic liberalism, increasing political pluralism and rising demand for education. Thus, Indian Higher Education System has become one of the largest in the world with more than 727 universities and 36, 700 colleges enrolling about three million students through regular and distance mode of education. However, in this globalized world, which has moved from the industrial age into the age of free trade, information systems, knowledge economy and technological innovations, learning cannot be confined to the traditional classroom. 

The future is changing so dramatically and quickly that it poses a nightmare for the traditional educational strategists. To equip students with the necessary conceptual, cognitive, attitudinal and social tools to continue learning anytime and anywhere on demand, the 21st century educational institutions have to think beyond a self-sustainable mode by collaborating with various non-educational business entities. In a unique attempt to bring educational institutions and its service providers on a single platform, the team of Higher Education Review magazine has explored the need of the industry and has tracked most promising organizations in India that are providing exemplary services in this sector. While, there are colleges and universities to be run with state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge research facilities, automated student-faculty management systems and many more, our expert panel consists of prominent academicians and industrialists has handpicked organizations from different vertical to come up with a list of '20 Most Promising Business Service Providers for Education.' The list includes companies providing services ranging from event management and scenic equipment providers to brand management and software solutions. We hope our efforts will help the administrators of existing educational institutions as well as aspiring individuals who want to serve the country by opening new age educational establishments to find the best business service providers for education.


20 Most Promising Business Service Providers for Education




AffairsExhibitions Hyderabad The company organizes high value exhibitions and educations fairs, thus creates an interface between the business, academia, students, media and society
Arclights Eventz Network Delhi Engaged in managing various kinds of exhibitions and events, the company offers solutions from concept to completion of project, irrespective of size, subject, scope and location
AuroMeera Technometrix Gujarat The company provides web services such as eMLi for education management in educational organizations like schools, colleges, University, Distance Learning, Aided, Self-Financed and Government
Cubical Reach Telangana The company provides services such as Customized application development, integrated digital marketing solutions and web application development
Ellucian USA The company provides technology solutions and services that remove barriers, helping higher education institutions attract student success across the globe
Esconet Technologies New Delhi The organization provides a diverse set of effective and economic solutions towards technical setup and support in networking solutions
Fidelis Education India Using a unique educational technology known as Learning Relationship Management, the company helps universities scale and manage relationships with students and staffs
Fire Ball Group Bengaluru The company provides security services to various educational and industrial organizations with years of proven commitment towards security and safety
Hover Labs Haryana With an extensive R&D for Designing & Manufacturing to Packaging of the product, the company manufactures Scientific & Laboratory Equipment
Invensis Technologies Bengaluru A Call Center Outsourcing Services company that provides educational organization essential customer service support through 24x7 multi-channel contact center
MICM Net Solutions India A pioneer IT Solution provider to education sector that offers process, people and technology integration, which is much beyond software selling
NetInx Solutions Pune The company offers professional application development and client server applications both for the web and the intranet
Securitas India USA The company offers security solutions with guarding services, technical solutions, security consulting and background verification for the customers
Serosoft Solutions Indore By offering customized software solutions, the company helps educational institutions to overcome their educational and learning challenges
Silversand Event Management India Dehradun The company caters to a large number of educational institutions, providing entertainment solutions, corporate event management, artist management and public relations management
Unipro New Delhi The company analyzes the requirements and provides cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to help educational establishments in accelerating overall growth rate
V Green Media Hyderabad A full-service advertising agency with a presence of over half-a- decade, the company provides all the core services needed for institution branding
Vordugja Education India The company offers end-to-end services in the realm of strategy, academic excellence and pervasive technology enablement