Cunef Universidad: Prioritizing The Holistic Development Of Its Students Through Innovative Teaching Pedagogies

By Prof. Laureano Gonzalez Vega, Vice-Rector of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance
Cunef Universidad: Prioritizing The Holistic Development Of Its Students Through Innovative Teaching Pedagogies
Prof. Laureano Gonzalez Vega,Vice-Rector of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance

Prof. Laureano Gonzalez Vega

Vice-Rector of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance

From the rapid penetration of technology to the increasing demand for job-oriented courses, the higher education realm has witnessed drastic changes in the last couple of decades. The increasing use of technology has also created new job opportunities which in turn allowed educators to come up with new and innovative programs.

The need for interdisciplinary education has also been on the rise with educational institutions aiming for a better holistic development of their students.

Situated in the University City of Madrid, Spain, CUNEF Universidadwith its two campuses in Pirineos and Almansa, is one pioneering educational institution which aspires to not only create capable professionals but also nurture passionate learners who can become valuable members of society.

This research-centric university operates with a mission a) to provide individuals with solid scientific and cultural knowledge and the appropriate transversal skills to lead the changes and face the challenges of society, as well as the necessary abilities to successfully fulfill their life projects, using a teaching model defined by its rigor, innovation, and excellence, b) to achieve excellence in research as a university and thus advance the frontiers of knowledge and attain international leadership in its areas of expertise, and c) to transfer the results of its research to society, thereby promoting the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and contributing to cultural, economic and social development.

Instilling Academic Rigor in Students
CUNEF Universidad consists of the School of Business, Economics and Law, the School of Engineering, and the Graduate and International Business School. Aside from this, the university also offers CUNEF Executive Education with courses on Specialist in Digital Law and Legal Tech, and Specialist in Business Analytics.
The University is also planning to introduce new programs in philosophy and politics in the near future.

The courses offered by the Universityare custom designed and developed to cater to the requirements of each individual student and guide them to realize their true potential. These courses also prioritize interdisciplinary education where students have the freedom to acquire knowledge on different topics while still being able to be specialists in the area they chose.

When asked about theunique learning opportunities offered by the university to its students, Prof. Laureano Gonzalez Vega, Vice-Rector of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance,CUNEFUniversidad says, “For many students, getting a job is the primary aim of higher education but we help them to get a job which not only complements their academic knowledge and interests but also allows them to make a name for themselves in that specific domain.

Aside from this, we nurture our students in a way that allows them tobe good citizens with a clear perspective on democracy, human rights, sustainability, and so on. Also, through our high academic standards, we aspire to be a front-runner in innovation and become a benchmark in education as well as research. We also prioritize exposing them to the latest technologies and work on improving their soft skills, both of which are important to be successful in the modern-day corporate realm”.

The quality of faculty in the University can be directly related to the quality of education that the University offers. When it comes to the quality of faculty members at CUNEF Universidad, the University leaves no stone unturned to not only hire the right personnel but also to offer them constant training so that they can keep abreast with the latest teaching pedagogies and innovations.

The University also gives major emphasis on the research aptitude of its faculty members and many of the faculty at CUNEF Universidad arewell-renowned researchers who have published their research in prestigious journals.

Aside from this, CUNEF Universidad’s faculty members are also practitioners who have immense industry expertise which allows them to better prepare students for life in the professional world.
That said, these faculty members are also great mentors for their students and help them to reach their career aspirations by guiding them on the right path.

Aspiring to be an international higher education hub
CUNEF Universidad hosts students from different countries and the University aspires to attract more international students to its campus in the coming years. Its new 18,000 sq.m.campus in Almansa is under construction and by constantly improving its infrastructure, the University aspires to become a more appealing higher education destination for students from across the globe.

Also, to offer the perfect learning environment for its students, CUNEF Universidad usescutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art tools and equipment which will allow its students to be better prepared for the industry. The university also offers a plethora of scholarship options to its students and those who have impressive academic performance and those who come from challenging financial backgrounds can avail of these scholarships. It has awarded 36 grants for the 2022-2023 academic year alone, covering between 35 percent and 100 percent of tuition fees.

”CUNEF Universidad hosts students from different countries and the institution aspires to attract more international students to its campus in the coming years”

Over the years, the university has also signed agreements with myriad business organizations and prestigious educational institutions from across the world which enables greater academic options as well as practical exposure to its students. With all this, CUNEF Universidad aspires to be a true international higher education hub where students from around the world can come, learn and develop.

Also, evolving with the changing times, CUNEF Universidad aspires to stay ahead of the curve and continue its quest for constant innovation and consistent improvement to become synonymous with world-class higher education.

Prof. Laureano Gonzalez Vega, Vice-Rector of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance
This pioneering educator has more than 40 years of re¬search and teaching expertise which he leverages to expand the student’s horizons and equip them with the needed skills required to thrive in the modern world.
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