Thepower Business School: Redefining Conventional Boundaries Of Online Higher Education Through Constant Innovation

By Javier Garcia Arevalillo, Partner
Thepower Business School: Redefining Conventional Boundaries Of Online Higher Education Through Constant Innovation
Javier Garcia Arevalillo,Partner Spain is an ever-growing modern-day international higher education hub. Spain’s great universities, beautiful cities, and vibrant curricular and extra-curricular activities makes it a prime higher education destination for students from across the globe. The proliferation of specialized schools and bootcamps for employability and reskilling in tech has also contributed to the increasing popularity for Spanish higher education.

Over the years, the demand for online education has also been on the rise and with its unique and job-centric education, THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL is one pioneering Spanish higher education institution that has been able to develop into a prominent name in the online education space. Its commitment to never compromise on the quality of its education has been a primary catalyst in its success.

Expanding its horizons in the online education space
THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL offers a multitude of programs for its learners including PowerSales, ThePowerMBA, ThePowerMBA ADVANCED, and Digital marketing. The institute also conduct unique and innovative bootcamps to help students be better prepared for the industry.

Adding more about the unique learning opportunities offered by the business school, Javier Garcia Arevalillo, Partner, THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL says, “Our programs gather convenience and deepness: you can do them at your own pace, and to the level of deepness you really need.

So, both for people that need to incorporate tech skills on their daily duties, and to people that need to rebuild their careers, our programs are the best bootcamps to do. We are creating and delivering the best bootcamps for tech reskilling, in the most demanded skills such as full stack development, UX/UI, Digital Marketing, Leadership and Coaching, and Data to name a few”. The bootcamps offered by THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL helps the students to create a unique portfolio of projects.
THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL acknowledges the fact that there is a need for students to reskill and upskill their profiles. Also, to keep abreast with the changing demands, THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL ensures that they constantly evolve, be agile and adapt to changing circumstances to offer the best job-centric education to its learners.

The business school constantly updates its curriculum and ensure that its students are abreast with the latest skills required to thrive in the corporate realm.

These programs focus on reskilling professionals and exposing them to the new tools and knowledge which are crucial to succeed in the industry. THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL leverages its connections with 600 corporate clients to understand the ever-changing needs and requirements in the industry and align its content with these requirements.

Leveraging its industry connections, THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL has internship initiatives and agreements to provide specific profiles for several corporations as well.

THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL combines a synchronous content and real time, project-based classes. This ensures that every student ends up with an impressive portfolio of projects on every topic and skill. In the bootcamps, 80 percent of the content will be imparted through real-time classes that are focused on developing the student’s portfolio. These classes also allow the learners to do a myriad of projects in real-time with the help of their teachers.

Every learning the students do are project-based which helps them gain valuable hands-on training which in turn, makes them more employable. Learners at THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL also have the opportunity to interact with prominent business leaders from across multiple industry verticals to understand first-hand what the industry demands from employees.

Throughout their time at THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL, students also get plethora of opportunities to work on real-world business problems. Students will be divided into different groups and they will compete against each other to solve these problems.
Constantly working on finding solutions to these problems also help the students to become better problem-solvers and improve their critical thinking capabilities.

A notch-above the rest
THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL prioritizes student-centric education and to ensure that, the business school gives major emphasis on the quality of its faculty members. Adding more about the quality of THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL’s faculty, Javier Garcia Arevalillo says, “Every class, every teacher and every content within our programs are constantly actualized and focused on employability. How? Every teacher is actually working on the very topics they teach.

Our faculty members are also dedicated to ensure that the students’ requirements are addressed and the content is imparted in such a way that it can be easily grasped by the students. Having faculty who are practitioners in the industry themselves also allow them to better understand the ever-changing requirements of the industry”.

THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL aspires to make world-class higher education more accessible and the programs offered by the business school are competitively priced with the most expensive program costing students USD 3000. To make it easier, students are also given the opportunity to pay fees periodically.

”THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL prioritizes student-centric education & to ensure that, the business school gives major emphasis on the quality of its faculty members”

THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL’s bootcamp methodology is completely disruptive, as it ties the best parts of online training (convenience, flexibility), the employability and practicality of bootcamps and the deepness of postgraduate programs on tech. Evolving with the changing times, the business school aims to adjust the proposal from the feedback it keep gathering from its clients and students to further improve the quality and effectiveness of its bootcamps.

Javier Garcia Arevalillo, Partner
THEPOWER BUSINESS SCHOOL prioritizes student centric education and to ensure that, the business school gives major emphasis on the quality of its faculty members.
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