Dr. Kiran Singh, Principal, AVN Vida International School, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

By Dr. Kiran Singh, Principal
Dr. Kiran Singh,Principal

Dr. Kiran Singh


She completed both her graduation and post-graduation from the prestigious Banaras Hindu University followed by PhD in History. With her continued efforts to empower herself, she also went on to obtain B.Ed and M.Ed from Jammu University, DCE from IGNOU and late, PGDGC under the supervision of renowned educationist, Dr. Ravindran. She has been a meritorious student all through her academics, keeping alive aspirations of doing something meaningful in her life and for the society. Hailing from a reputed educated family, Dr. Singh developed an inclination towards teaching profession at a very early age. For her, teaching is a way to change one's life and being a philanthropist she became part of, and headed many such initiatives through which children from all strata of society could pursue education and fulfill their dreams. She has contributed immensely in college education too as Director and College Administrator.

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Married to a decorated Army officer who belongs to a rural area of Allahabad, Dr. Singh was probably the first woman with such high-qualifications in those days in the village. "The rural folk's mindset for girl's education was not so impressive. Girls were never encouraged to venture out and learn. However, my presence in such environment did help in bringing about a positive change, first within the family and slowly in the neighborhood," recalls Dr. Singh. Even now, whenever she visits her village, she has time for personal counseling of girls on education matters. This includes
visits on request, to several girl's and Children schools in surrounding areas. "Their affection and innocence are unparallel," she recounts her memories.

"One should try to empower others, making everyone feel equal in the team defines a leader in a true sense." -Dr. Kiran Singh

Dr. Singh strongly emphasizes, "We can't expect progress by only educating urban class, there should be equal priority and opportunity given to rural background children of the country." Her husband's nature of job involved postings in remote corners of J&K and in the hinterlands, in Jharkhand, where she could closely associate herself with numerous ongoing initiatives of Army in imparting education and empowerment of girl child and women. As her husband was most of the time away from home, deployed in field and border areas, she had to be in the role of mother and father for her children and guardian to family but she could balance the conflicting requirements with ease. The passion and perseverance that she has for her profession of teaching was enough to overcome all the roadblocks.

Today as Principal in AVN Vida International School, Dr. Singh is idolized among her peers and team not only as leader but a friend, motivator and influencer. "When you have been given the charge of managing a certain team, according to me one should work closely in coordination with the team instead of only directing and when required, lead from the front," states Dr. Singh. She propagates the flexible and stimulating learning approach in the school where the teachers are encouraged to amalgamate lessons that weave social, moral and ethical values, and then finding opportunities for students to reinforce their use in their day to day behavior.
A born leader, apart from being a committed facilitator, Dr. Singh also has interest in writing, books translation in English to Hindi and vice versa and in social work. Her doctoral thesis "Textiles in Ancient India," has been published in book form under the patronage of prestigious Indian Council of Historical Research', New Delhi. Besides, she has translation credits of nearly dozen books on various subjects. In her 30 years long academic professional career, Dr Singh is recipient of numerous awards of excellence by various organizations. She has had the exposures at national and international academic seminars and symposia, including the honor of being speakers in selected sessions. Widely travelled to various countries her quest and flair is for the quality education always and forever.

She pinpoints, "In an era, where education has become universal, without global boundaries, students' interface with technology is like never before, it becomes imperative to the instructors to stay updated."

Donning many hats, she firmly believes in action for change and not merely day dreaming of achieving big. She encourages her students and team to constantly upgrade their skills, enhance their knowledge and apply them. "In school education, every day brings in new challenges," smiles Dr. Singh, "so your energy levels and enthusiasm has to be there to meet those challenges." She is rather determined to dedicate her rest of the life for the down trodden and needy people. Firm on her decision, this journey continues.

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