ENAE Business School: Aspiring to be a Trail-blazer in the Data Science Education Domain

By Ramon S., Director of Data Science Master’s Degree, ENAE
ENAE Business School: Aspiring to be a Trail-blazer in the Data Science Education Domain
Ramon S.,Director of Data Science Master’s Degree, ENAE

Ramon S.

Director of Data Science Master’s Degree, ENAE

The field of data science and the innovations happening in the sector has been having a positive impact on the corporate realm and beyond. Over the years, there has also been a constant rise in the demand for data science professionals. ENAE Business School, Spain is part of Foundation University-Enterprise of the Region of Murcia, a non-profit organization whose creation dates to 1988.

The school contributes towards improving the field of Data science through its innovative and practical approach. Its specialized programs in data science or the Master’s in Data science for business offer students the technical and practical training and knowledge to design and execute data science projects applied to the business world, with the objective of obtaining valuable information for decision making and acquiring competitive advantages.

Aspiring for Educational Excellence
Since its inception, ENAE has been committed to academic excellence and technological innovation. The institute stands out for its cuttingedge approach and its constant commitment to academic excellence. One of the school's main strengths is its focus on personalization and the integral development of each student.

Through flexible academic programs tailored to individual needs, ENAE gives students the opportunity to explore their interests, as well as develop key business skills that will enable them to excel in their professional careers. Over the years, it has developed a strong reputation both nationally and internationally, attracting students and professionals from various parts of the world.

ENAE, attached to the University of Murcia and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, maintains a close collaboration with industry and local companies. This allows students to be exposed to the demands and requirements of the business world from the very beginning of their training.

Through internships, company visits, expert lectures, and real projects, students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real business environment and acquire practical skills that are valuable in the job market.
When asked about the data science program offered by ENAE, Ramon S., Director of Data Science Master’s Degree, ENAE says, “ENAE's data science courses are distinguished by their practical approach and business relevance. Students learn both the theoretical foundations and their application in different contexts. In addition, they are given the opportunity to work on real projects and collaborate with companies, allowing them to gain practical experience and build a solid portfolio”.

The institute has highly qualified and experienced teaching staff, composed of business professionals and academics with extensive experience. In this way, students receive an education based on business reality and benefit from practical knowledge and industry perspectives. ENAE ensures the consistent quality of its teachers through a rigorous selection and evaluation process. In addition, ongoing professional development is encouraged by providing opportunities for updating and continuing education. In this way, they are able to advance in their respective areas of specialization and provide students with a quality education based on the latest knowledge and business practices.

Offering Unique Learning Opportunities
ENAE gives major importance to offering cuttingedge infrastructural amenities to the students. It offers modern and spacious facilities and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as terminals with facial recognition, touch screens, 4K cameras with autotracking and professional sound systems. It also uses the Canvas platform as its virtual campus, facilitating access to study materials, interactive activities, and collaboration between students. It also issues digitally notarized diplomas, secured through Blockchain technology to guarantee their authenticity.

Scholarships are vitally important for more students to have the opportunity to experience world-class higher education. Adding more about the scholarships offered by the institute, Ramon S. says “We understand the importance of supporting talented and motivated students, which is why we offer a variety of scholarships including Academic Merit Scholarships, Scholarships for Professionals with Potential and Motivation, Scholarships for the Self-Employed, Scholarships for the Unemployed, Scholarships for University Graduates and International Scholarships.

These scholarships help cover tuition fees and give students the opportunity to access high-quality Master's programs and develop their academic and professional potential”.
Students of ENAE actively participate in a wide range of workshops, seminars and training activities that complement their academic training. These opportunities allow them to develop practical skills and acquire up-to-date knowledge in various business fields.

Workshops focus on topics such as leadership, negotiation, and teamwork, giving students the opportunity to participate in interactive dynamics and practical exercises.

Seminars offer them the possibility to explore specific topics with experts in the field, through lectures and discussions. In addition, ENAE organizes practical training activities, such as case studies and consultancy projects, so that students can apply their knowledge in real business situations.

The institute recently did organize a Datathon to test skills in data analytics and data analysis by working alongside a major business group.

Evolving with the changing times, the school plans to continue to innovate its pedagogy by integrating advanced technologies and expanding partnerships with companies and institutions. It will seek to strengthen internationalization, promote the development of practical skills and encourage entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, the offer of programs and specializations will be expanded, applied research will be promoted and a comprehensive training that prepares students for the challenges of the business world will be guaranteed.

”ENAE gives major importance to offering cutting-edge infrastructural amenities to the students”

Ramon S., Director of Data Science Master’s Degree, ENAE
Having begun his professional career as a Functional Analyst in the Development Area of Caja Granada, and later becoming Head of Data Warehousing in the Direction of Technological Architecture, Ramon has also held the position of an Associate Professor at the University of Granada and an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing and Market Research at the Complutense University of Madrid.

He is also the author of numerous publications of special scientific relevance, two monographic books and five book chapters on Data Mining and its application in economics, finance and marketing.
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