FIGS Education: Practicing Interactive Educational Methods To Develop Students' Individual Potential

By Bénédicte FAVRE, Director - International Development
Bénédicte FAVRE,Director - International Development

Bénédicte FAVRE

Director - International Development

France has always been a prime study destination among international students. The state-of-the-art model of teaching, rich culture, jaw-dropping locations and monuments along with the sophistication of French culture has always left the rest of the world in envy. FIGS Education is in keeping with this lineage of excellence and like any other French educational institution it is always on the lookout for newer opportunities to continuously improve.

FIGS Education is a French private Education Group that embraces 22 schools located in 10 major cities in France with decades of experience. With over 25,000 students (including, full time, part time and executive), FIGS Education stands out as a leader in private education in France. This university group offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs taught in French and in English with strong industry-focused and job-oriented education that shape students' professional future. The study areas covered are Business Administration, Communication, Hospitality and Tourism, Journalism, Agribusiness, Fashion Design, Media, Computer science, Design, Luxury Management, and Wine Industry Management.

Excellence at its Core
The programs offered at FIGS Education are specifically designed and developed to align perfectly with the industry requirements and combining this with a large alumni network and thousands of company connections, FIGS Education has got themselves a winning formula. "Our focus is to set up branch offices and affiliations in the countries with an increasing demand for French higher education. Our branch offices provide a qualified team to counsel and guide international students through the choice of
their program and the entire admission process until their arrival in France. In 2020, FIGS Education is counting 10 branch offices in countries including Algeria, Cameroon, India, Nepal, Ivory Coast, Madagascar-Mauritius, Morocco, Senegal, and Tunisia. We have also recently set up an affiliation in India - an IDRAC Center in Pune, where Indian students start their IDRAC MBA in India and top-up in France to graduate from the French MBA", shares Bénédicte FAVRE, Director for International Development, FIGS Education.

"The quality of the practical exposure that is offered at FIGS Education is world-class and owing to this, most international students enroll in business and computer science courses at FIGS Education"

With over 100 programs among 12 study fields, FIGS Education offers students ample courses to choose from. All the programs offered by the institute include hands-on training, practical experience, internships and everything students will need for a bright future. Owing to their strong industry connections and an alumni network that spans across the world, FIGS Education students have little to worry about when it comes to finding internships and jobs. The quality of the practical exposure that is offered at FIGS Education is world-class and owing to this, most international students enroll in business and computer science courses at FIGS Education.

"FIGS Education provides French language intensive courses to help students upon arrival. We work closely with international students, giving them a list of buddy contacts as soon as they land. Having a buddy can be very useful in helping students to settle when arriving in France. Our buddies have been through the same steps as any other international student, therefore, we strongly advise them to get in touch and it's also a great way to make friends." says Bénédicte FAVRE.

The French Connection
France is an alternative option to make the difference for Indian students. This year, 10,000 Indian students have chosen to pursue
higher studies in France. This fact further showcases the quality of French higher education and the appeal it has on the students. France is quite famous for its quality teaching and the global recognition of its degrees. The rich cultural diversity and heritage reflected in everyday life and the French State's commitment towards welcoming international students make it an attractive destination for higher education. In 2019, France has been ranked as the third most popular destination for international students.

With FIGS Education, students benefit from individualized support and guidance at key stages in their education including work experience, academic exchanges, specializations, and job-finding. FIGS Education has been growing on a consistent basis both in terms of student enrollment and geographical expansion.

"In 2019 alone, our international student enrollment went beyond 1,000 and this enrollment rate is increasing by 20 percent every year. We have 500 enrolled students in our international affiliated programs abroad and 100 enrolled students in our preparatory classes in Africa. We intend to keep growing at this rate. In the upcoming years, we are also planning to expand into further territories and cement our position as a premier higher education institute that has ample experience and expertise to become the flag bearer of the global teaching fraternity," signs off Bénédicte FAVRE.

Bénédicte FAVRE, Director - International Development
Bénédicte holds a master's degree in International Relations & Languages and an MBA in International Management. She initiated collaborations with foreign institutions ranging from student and teaching exchanges, joint degree awards and off-shore campus sites, collaborating with over 100 partner institutions across 40 countries and supervising both the in and out-going students. She has also implemented a network of 10 International branch offices and set up a qualified network of affiliated partners abroad.