ISC Paris: Preparing Students To Meet The Challenges Of Future

By Laura VALANDRO, International Business Development Manager
Laura VALANDRO,International Business Development Manager


International Business Development Manager

International education has been a mainstream trend for the past couple of decades. While the earlier students were primarily driven by their need to go abroad to look for better living opportunities, the recent and coming generation is looking for something different. The economic and social situations in India have changed and the students are not forced to make that jump. Students now are looking for something much bigger than just education as such. They are now considering the entire package that includes the opportunity to learn and understand with people from different cultures, the ability to get global exposure and more importantly the overall experience that international higher education can offer. With the students' tastes taking a 90-degree turn, higher education institutes need to make sure that they tick all the right boxes in the prospective students' minds. Educational institutions should also evolve to much more than a place for education and turn to a temple where the students can redefine themselves, a place where they get empowered with the right tools to thrive and a place to get inspired to make a positive impact on the world. This is where the world is moving towards and institutions that can change lanes quickly will thrive while the others will perish.

Thriving in this scenario is ISC Paris, a French business and management school that has been operating from Paris since 1963. Recognized by the State, and accredited by AACSB and AMBA, ISC Paris is a private higher education institute which is a member of the Conférence des GrandesÉcoles. The institute operates with a vision to transform students as key players in management training for companies in today's world through transmitting knowledge and skills by favoring innovation, active pedagogy and multiculturalism at the service of
the development of its learners. "We strive to train professionals prepared for the challenges of globalization and perfectly integrated into their companies and organizations. Thanks to high-level academic training, supported by applied research, intellectual contributions and the practice of other professional cultures, we prepare our students to meet the urgent challenges related to the globalization of the economy and, more broadly, of our society", speaks Laura VALANDRO, International Business Development Manager, ISC Paris.

"Recognized by the State, and accredited by AACSB and AMBA, ISC Paris is a private higher education institute which is a member of the Conférence des GrandesÉcoles"

Adding about the infrastructural amenities offered in the institute Laura shares, "Our first building is largely dedicated to the offices of Student Enterprises and it also houses the management of ISC Paris. Being the lung of pedagogy focused on action learning, our goal is to involve all our students in projects outside of the classroom. Finding partners for a fashion show, consulting with big companies, managing a 20,000 euro budget, engaging in humanitarian actions, in order to boost our students' resume and helping them find their dream career. Our second building is reserved for classrooms, amphitheaters, and it also hosts the Career Center and social spaces. With over 100 professors, dedicated to their research, or professionals willing to share their experiences, our classes will be filled with theoretical knowledge and concrete case studies. Our third building includes the documentation center, the international department, the professors' offices, the ISC Paris research center and the incubator. This urban campus offers all the comforts of a studious, connected, collaborative and friendly student life that has Wi-Fi connection, workspaces, and computer rooms."

Leaving an Unending Impression
Living and studying in Paris is unlike anything that one will ever experience. A couple of days in this jaw-dropping understand how much ahead of the times
this place is. Intertwining tradition and culture with innovation and technology, Paris and ISC Paris will never fail to leave a lasting impression in the lives of the students who have gone through their doors. "ISC Paris is not just a school within a business hub. Our school is located in the 17th arrondissement, allows students to live a more Parisian life, discovering the French way of living in a residential neighborhood. Students can enjoy Parisian cultural life with the museums, theaters and libraries of Paris. With their student card, students also have access to a lot of resources in the city", adds Laura.

Choosing to study in Paris is like choosing a completely different life from what they had before. Foreign students opting to study at ISC Paris are dedicated to experiencing a new way of studying and living. The Paris metropolitan area is home to the top 250 French companies and it is the second-largest financial center in Europe. The proximity of the La Défense district and the Hauts-de-Seine is a considerable advantage for students in their search for internships, jobs and work-study programs. Studying in a business school like ISC Paris, 15 minutes from La Défense and on the edge of the 'Golden Crescent' of head offices, promotes partnerships with large French and multinational groups and facilitates access to internships. Being so close to companies is one of the major factors allowing students of ISC Paris to jumpstart their career in one of the top cities in the world.

Laura VALANDRO, International Business Development Manager
Laura VALANDRO is a Student Recruitment Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Student Recruiting, International Education, Public Speaking, Teamwork, and Reliability, Laura holds strong education qualification with a Master of Arts (M.A.) focused in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education from Ball State University.
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