Florence Institute of Design International: A Unique Blend Of Tradition And Technology To Impart Quality Learning Experiences


Situated in the heart of the stunning Tuscany region, the city of Florence is surrounded by natural and manmade beauty at each and every turn. Renowned globally for its distinguished landmarks such as the Duomo Cathedral and Michelangelo’s David, Florence promises a journey of discovery and enlightenment which is also a feast for the senses. A celebrated design school with both its masters and undergraduate design courses offered in English, Florence Institute of Design International is an ideal destination for design students since it contains a rich patrimony of Renaissance works. Built within two stunning Historic Baroque Palaces, Palazzo Marescialla and Palazzo Fossombroni, FIDI has a warm atmosphere and refined ambiance which inspires students to develop their creativity and imagination by focusing on exciting projects.

Established in early 2008, Florence Institute of Design International specializes in offering courses such as graphic design, architecture, furniture design and interior design for students from across Europe and around the world. Since its inception, FIDI’s objective has been to foster a dynamic learning environment where international students are taught the foundations of Italian design by combining modern technologies with Italy’s imaginative culture. FIDI’s courses teach the foundations of design combining modern technology with inventive and rich traditions of Italy.

“At FIDI, we vest our primary focus on shaping our students into creative and innovative professionals who are industry-ready to thrive in the engaging design studio environment. With personalized courses that maintain student-teacher ratio, we constantly strive to ensure that our education is inspirational rather than institutional.
FIDI is well-equipped with latest technology such as video projectors and computers to facilitate the teaching of modern design curriculum. We also have four computer labs with relatively fast internet speed that allows each student to access information at all times. In addition to this, our institute has wireless access points at multiple locations, allowing students to connect their laptops and smart phones to the internet from anywhere. We also hold a unique collection of books, periodicals and digital sources which are a great source to support creative minds”, says Leonardo Rossano, Instructor of Furniture Design, Florence Institute of Design International.

"FIDI has a soft atmosphere and refined ambiance which creates an inspirational environment for the students to bring their creative imagination to the best use"

Preparing Students for Industry Challenges
Laying strong emphasis on the principals of designing, FIDI provides masters, bachelor degrees and diploma courses in Graphic Design, Interior Design and Furniture Designing. With its robust studio based curriculum, Florence Institute of Design International is building both, the technical as well as the conceptual skills of the students. “At FIDI, we do not have group projects; instead our students are required to do all their work individually. Owing to smaller class sizes comprised of about 12 students per studio, our teachers are also able to focus more of their time on each student. With a common requirement of completing over 20 design assignments during a 3 year bachelor degree program, at FIDI we give our students extensive 'contact hours' and complete double the number of design assignments as compared to other design schools”, shares Director arch. Marc DiDomenico

Florence Institute of Design International also stresses on maintaining balance while incorporating elements of modern and traditional design. While Art History and History of Italian Design classes provide students with the unique
opportunity of learning and then visiting some of the greatest artistic and cultural treasures in the world; FIDI also organizes specialized classes such as app design, interactive media, 3D Printing, and lighting designs to ensure that the students have a diverse and comprehensive skill set as they prepare to enter the workforce.

With a vision to impart unique learning experiences that can help students become industry-ready, each year, FIDI invites some of the most respected designers, architects, artists as well as renowned figures from across the world to share their work experiences and process with the students. “At FIDI, we believe that lectures are a great way for our students to interact with industry professionals and gain first-hand information about the design industry. Hence, through our inspirational lecture-series, we welcome celebrated designers from all parts of the country and from other key cities where design is renowned such as London, New York, and Barcelona”, adds DiDomenico.

Charting the Path Ahead
Today, in addition to offering a 3-year Bachelor degree validated by the University of Chester in the UK, Florence Institute of Design International is a destination school for design students from the best Universities in Mexico as well as schools in the US and Brazil. Our faculty's extensive knowledge and experience in art and design is well reflected in the quality of the learning provided to the students at FIDI. While the strong alumni network has played a key role in helping students obtain notable positions across various industries, the faculty is also a constant source of motivation for the learners.

Registering a positive growth while increasing in diversity and expanding its offerings and facilities, through all of this FIDI has still remained a design-driven program made up of passionate and dedicated staff, students, and faculty. In the years to come, Florence Institute of Design International aspires to provide its students with exceptionally unique international learning through several upcoming design projects which will contribute to the rich and thriving Florentine design community.