LUM University: Steering Students Towards Personal And Professional Growth


Renowned as a student oriented university, focussed on students’ career and personal success, LUM University is an accredited private university located on the outskirts of Bari. Set up in 1995, the founding stone of LUM’s foundation was laid by an entrepreneur and a true visionary Dr. Giuseppe Degennaro who aspired to create a generation of future leaders and the future ruling classes of the country. With a vision to make LUM University different from other Italian public universities, the university integrates their academic preparation with activities oriented to develop soft skills and personalised curriculum.

“At LUM University, our programs are designed to help students get comprehensive education not just knowledge. Compared to public Italian universities that tend to have large classes and rigid curricula, at LUM classes are smaller and students get attention and the individual mentoring they need to make the most of their experience. Together with content courses, we offer courses and extra-curriculum seminars where our students can gain the skills in written and oral communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and team-working that are as crucial to careers as they are to personal life. We are proud to say that at LUM University students can maximise their investment”, shares Prof. Emanuele Degennaro, President, LUM University.

Taking an Innovative and High-tech Educational Approach
Throughout its Departments, LUM University offers innovative and hightech educational approach whose target is not only to convey knowledge but also to encourage students to maximize their potential through the effective use and management of their own talents and environment. Range of courses at LUM University include degrees in Digital Economy, Management of Tourism, Business Administration, Management, Law and International Cooperation, Entrepreneurial Law and Digital Economy, Data Science and Digital Transformation, Sport
Management, International Management, Health and Public Services, Administration and Control, International Business Lawyer, Legal Services; two international PhD: in Economics and Management of Sustainability and Innovation, and Theory of the legal Process. In addition, the ‘School of Management’, and the ‘School of Legal Professions’ are part of the Lifelong Learning Area, which provide more that 80 post-graduate courses in different areas.

While LUM offers a lot of its courses in English language, it has also set up a School of Italian Language for foreigners that accept students of all levels of Italian, even those with no prior knowledge of language and brings them to a level of proficiency that will great improve their experience. By way of university agreements, the students also have the possibility of earning language credits through the various programs offered. “All students admitted at LUM are benefit from all the services that the university has to offer such as a very favourable student-to-teacher ratio, a customised curriculum, state-of-the-Art resources, a caring and knowledgeable staff, tutorial support, a quiet and safe environment where they can obtain a quality educational experience while developing a deeper appreciation for the diverse social and cultural society that is Italy”, highlights Prof. Emanuele Degennaro.

"LUM University offers innovative and high-tech educational approach that encourages students to maximize their potential through the effective use and management of their own talents and environment"

Commitment to Improvement and Growth
Most students are often surprised when they experience the impact of moving from a familiar culture to one that is unfamiliar. Especially for international students, this change can include the shock of a new environment, meeting new people and learning the ways of a new country together with the shock of being separated from the important people in their life. The foreign language and even social behaviour may be confusing or disorienting due to the cultural differences in physical environment. LUM leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping international students in easing this transition.
“Months before the departure of international students, we organize online orientation sessions and online Italian language courses which are free of charge, so that upon arrival they have an idea of the campus and the resources available and the real life in Italy. In addition, unlike the major Italian universities that have the departments spread in the city, LUM is located on a campus where students can live university life with all other Italian students and benefit of all the services and facilities on the same spot. Owing to its small size, at LUM students can find a dynamic university with prestigious faculty and an educational offering that is constantly updated with the expectations of the labour market”, speaks Prof. Emanuele Degennaro.

An International Office has also been put in place to assist internationa students with immigration issues, cross-cultural counselling, finding accommodation and other issues related to their relocation. In short, foreign students should choose LUM University because it offers excellent academic degrees, a good ratio fees/ services, an excellent student/ teacher ratio, assistance throughout the stay and an excellent training in Italian and orientation to Italian life.

LUM University also offers internship opportunity to all its undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates to develop their professional working-experience either during their studies, or after their recent graduation to enhance their employment prospects in the job market. Internship placements are designed to provide experience in the areas of study and have different duration according to the individual curriculum. With its high quality of studies, efficient and outstanding faculty, comfortable accommodation, high standard of quality life and support from qualified professionals, LUM University has grown considerably in terms of the number of enrolled students and courses provided. LUM University is undoubtedly a reputed name renowned for its flexibility that most public higher institutions lack in creating a strong link with the productive world, in providing resources for scholarships for deserving students, in adapting the courses training to the challenges of the contemporary world but above all in the coaching which accompanies students from enrolment to professional placement.