Fukuoka University: Striving To Create Qualified Professionals That Can Make The World A Better Place

By Keijiro Saku, President
Keijiro Saku,President

Keijiro Saku


Japanese higher education has been witnessing a major makeover over the course of past couple of decades. The expansion of the country’s technological industry has also had an impact on how Japanese universities operate. Many of the top educational institutions in Japan have been working round the clock to internationalize their courses as an act to attract foreign students to their classrooms.

Fukuoka University was established in 1934 making it one of the oldest and most recognized private universities in Japan. The institute is dedicated to holistic education, the cultivation of the whole person, and the integration of knowledge through interdisciplinary education and research. Fukuoka University operates with a mission to contribute to the society by producing creative and spontaneous graduates who can think and act both locally and globally in pursuit of truth and liberty.

Offering Diverse Learning Options
Currently, Fukuoka University has 31 departments in 9 different schools including faculties of Humanities, Law, Economics, Commerce, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Sports and Health Science. Apart from this, the University also has 34 majors in 10 graduate schools, as well as two high schools, one junior high school, and three university hospitals.

This diversity in the courses provided by the University has helped them bag the title of being a ‘One-Stop University’. “Our goal is to provide wholesome Education and Research to our students so that they become inspired individuals who can make a positive impact on the
world. With our new slogan of ‘RISE with US’, we have been able to produce 2,70,000 graduates that include 20,000 students per year and 4,300 faculty and staff all working together who are guided by the Five Ss of Steady, Sensible, Sincere, Strong, and Spirited”, states Keijiro Saku, President, Fukuoka University.

As a leading university in the country, Fukuoka University continues to work closely with the communities it serves, contributing to society as a centre for education, research, and medicine that meets the requirements of the modern era. Fukuoka University maintains a liberal arts-centred general education system that helps ensure that their students graduate with enlightened and broad-minded thinking capabilities. Recently, Fukuoka University was also selected as the second-most popular university in the Kyushu region which is one of the 4 main islands that comprise Japan.

“Being a premier Japanese higher education institution, Fukuoka University has always made it mandatory to keep pace with the changing trends in both the technological and industrial realm”

Apart from these, Fukuoka University is also the only university in Japan to have three schools related to Disease, Health and Sports such as the Faculty of Medicine (Medicine and Nursing), Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the Faculty of Sports and Health Science respectively. The institute caters to students coming from all walks of life and the expertise and experience of their faculties have helped the University to offer best in class education for their students. The quality of their faculty has played a crucial role in the growth of the institute and Fukuoka University conducts various faculty development programs to ensure that their faculty members are always updated with the latest happenings in the global teaching community.

Opening Doors to Future-Oriented Education
Being a premier Japanese higher
education institution, Fukuoka University has always made it mandatory to keep pace with the changing trends in both the technological and industrial realm. This has helped the institute to align their curriculum perfectly with what the industry requires allowing the students of Fukuoka University to have a competitive edge over their peers in the job market. By integrating the latest technologies into their teaching pedagogy, the University is growing stronger by each passing day.

While majority of the other educational institutions are hesitant to try new teaching methods, Fukuoka University has never backed away from an opportunity to adopt the latest techniques which has helped them to consistently achieve growth in the global higher education domain. The dedication and perseverance shown by the University to provide their students with a unique learning platform has also helped the students in identifying their true potential and becoming capable professionals who can make their mark in their own respective industries.

The personalized care and attention provided by the faculty to their students has also helped Fukuoka University to closely understand their students and guide them in their quest towards realizing their dreams. The holistic education offered by the University has also helped the students to achieve success in both their professional and personal lives. Fukuoka University has a global network of alumni which has been able to be successful in their careers and become global ambassadors for the University.

The success of their alumni is in itself the greatest testament that showcases the quality of the education provided by the institute, however Fukuoka University is not yet ready to rest on their laurels. The University has been formulating various plans to grow into a synonym of first-class Japanese higher education and by that cement their position as an elite international higher education destination.
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