Top 10 Universities & Colleges In Japan For Indian Students - 2021

For the Indian students Japan is the education center with its renowned universities and unique education system. Known as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan with a diverse pool of international students includes the names of University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tohoku University. The Indian students planning to study in Japan will require a student visa. The student’s university or institute located in Japan will sponsor the visa and offer support in obtaining the same. Another important factor for studying in Japan is the cost of living which includes accommodation, food, travel and recreational expenses. The cost varies from different regions in Japan, students’ choices, lifestyle and miscellaneous overheads. Around INR 8300 (12000 YEN) per month is the cost of living in Japan for staying in a dormitory accommodation by the university. The off campus expense for living in cities like Tokyo is almost INR 42000 (60000 YEN).

Japan has progressed fast with production of smaller things and it became the third-largest economy in the world. It is based on the highly appreciated and result-driven research and development industry holding the successful world businesses - Nissan, Toyota, Panasonic, Canon and Sony. Furthermore, robot production has paced up the innovation which includes technologies.

Japan as the organizer of field trips for practical learning helps students grow and nurture their self-ability. The country is safe with low crime rates and smooth public transportation. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of 'Top 10 Universities & Colleges In Japan For Indian Students - 2021', prepared by a team of education researchers, renowned academicians, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial team, informs the interested students about colleges and universities in Japan.

Top 10 Universities & Colleges In Japan For Indian Students - 2021




Aomori Public University Aomori Courses offered include management, economics and local future in a unique education system
Chubu University Kasugai Increasing a student's contribution to social welfare and development with a wide range of community building activities and helping them grow as educators, researchers and responsible members
Fukuoka University Fukuoka Imparting courses in Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering Architecture, and Law courses in alignment of the education process with creativity for development of a student's spontaneuos actions with truth and logic
Kyoei University Saitama Providing opportunity for research-based education and graduate education in international business, tourism, and sports
Nagoya Zokei University Of Art & Design Komaki Educating students with the purpose of community and society contribution, research promotion cooperation fund through education in Art expression area, Visual literature area, Community area, Spatial practice area, and Information expression area
National Institute of Technology Hachinohe College Aomori Establi hed in 1962 with the aim of promoting science and technology education in Japan which now imparts advanced courses in Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Material and Biological, Civil and Architectural Design Engineering courses and general academics
Niigata University Niigata Offering education in undergraduate degree and non-degree programs and advanced research opportunities of international standard
Osaka University Suita Founded as the sixth imperial university of Japan in 1931 that helps students growth in academics and research minded
Tokyo Institute of Technology Tok yo A national research university and renowned as the topnotch global university project for science, engineering and bio-science and bio-technology
University of Tokyo Tok yo Delivering courses at undergraduate and graduate levels which are impeccable for a holistic professional career