GIBS Business School: A Reputed Institution Known For Excellence In The Field Of Management Education

By Ritesh Goyal, Managing Director
Ritesh Goyal,Managing Director

Ritesh Goyal

Managing Director

The current management education lacks the much-needed skills for employment and entrepreneurship, often depriving the students of the holistic education that incorporates experiential learning of social skills, collaborative mindsets, communication techniques is a must. Addressing these issues by creation, consolidation of social networks amongst students, faculty, alumni and industry experts. The Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), a part of Goyal Educational Trust and an Institute of International standards.

Has successfully built its own reputation as one of the best business school in Bangalore in term of pioneering refined quality of learning, moral up keeping and intellectual support across the all-encompassing span of advanced education in India. The ideology of GIBS from day one was on the development of social intelligence­based skills, such as leadership, management, teamwork, and integrating with technology in imparting knowledge. The creation and strengthening of social networks among students, faculty members, alumni, business practitioners, the use of cutting-edge technology in teaching and research were the foundation thoughts at GIBS Business School.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution, GIBS is approved by AICTE, Ministry of Education- Gov. Of India and recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC). The need for integration of tools of technology has enabled GIBS to provide quality business education that is relevant to today's business requirements. "GIBS is in a way an unorthodox no-profit business that understands the dynamic environment of business management and education. We understand that curriculum alone is not enough as learning is partly assisted and partly vicarious. Rather than just having a conventional `B-School' tag, GIBS has successfully managed to create an environment where diverse talents would meet the
demands of the ever-changing world out there. Apart from this, we also ensure that our students are well connected to the industry experts and can consult them at their time of need. The big USP of GIBS B School is its understanding of the fact that graduates and undergraduates who come from various backgrounds are to be transformed as a talent pool that business world needs. This transition towards `employable set' requires a mindset of `a finishing school' which GIBS always works towards," states Ritesh Goyal, Managing Director, GIBS Business School.

The Desired Destination for Quality Management Education
With a vision to be a part of India's Top Business School with Best ROI, the impeccable curriculums ensured by GIBS include PGDM, Data Analytics, SAP, Dual Specializations and more. GIBS ensures that the students are connected to a larger global network and offers exchange programs across the planet. Furthermore, its partnerships with international companies benefit the students with their years of experience and knowledge. By the end of their course, the students preserve, use knowledge of global and local business practices. The knowledge one gains through GIBS courses prepares them for the dynamic and complex marketplace present in the world today. Till now, the avg.

“GIBS has successfully managed to create an environment where diverse talents would meet the demands of the ever-changing world out there”

package offered to the students of GIBS remains 6.30LPA with the highest Package offered enduring as 13.5LPA. The facilities present on campus provides opportunities for students to apply themselves, be an active part of a community that works together and learns together. Rather than boasting a name, what GIBS really prides itself on is its `relevance factor' that nurtures adaptability and capability. Using its global connections, GIBS strives to develop talent that stays in demand and up to date with current practices. GIBS has Launched the scholarship `GIBSbyYourSide' for the meritorious students based on entrance exams with the highest Internship Stipend offered Rs. 1,15,000/- In 2021.
Nurturing A Good Reservoir of Talent
GIBS ensures that the students' lives are entirely academic dependent, but also through autodidacticism. The faculty in GIBS takes this into consideration to ensure that the students are not only assessed within the classroom but beyond on several parameters pertaining to life skills that help them to be successful in the future. "Our faculty members are always exposed to the latest developments in the industry and thus remain adept. Additionally, constant sessions and Value-Added Programs from across the planet not only provide insights to students but also to faculty members who undergo a process of unlearning & then learning almost every day. Through this process, the faculty members are aware of the latest trends in management. In GIBS, 25% of the Faculties are from IIM/IIT, 35% Faculties from Corporate, 20% Faculties are Businessmen/Practitioners & 20% Faculties from International Universities. Participation in conferences, trade association meetings and FDPs are all part of the academic annual itinerary," quotes Ritesh Goyal.

Apart from the curriculum that is provided by the college, GIBS ensures that future entrepreneurs leave the college equipped with knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship skills. Apart from the scholastic activities, students are continuously involved with, GIBS encourages students to take up entrepreneurial initiatives. A separate course titled IRE (Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship) is embedded in the PGDM program that actually simulates the entrepreneurial journey by understanding in-depth both innovation and research. "At GIBS, we ensure that the students are armed with the latest knowledge, integrate it with the latest technology to provide the most relevant and latest developments in the industry of management sciences. As a supplement to curricular events, we ensure that our valued added programs are insightful and give students the edge over others to perform extraordinarily in their future endeavours," concludes Ritesh Goyal.

Ritesh Goyal, Managing Director
Ritesh is passionate to offer the best value for money education to the students and this has helped him to have a positive impact on his students lives.
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