Rahul Dasgupta,Joint Managing Director

Rahul Dasgupta

Joint Managing Director

With drastic changes in the business environment, teaching a business discipline today requires more than meeting the curricular objectives and theoretical frameworks that prevailed in the 20th century. The business education requires practical knowledge, experience, and a high degree of professional responsibility and enthusiasm to coach and develop the skills students need to become effective managers of productive and ethical businesses, regardless of the country where they live and work. While most of the business schools in India are focusing on traditional methodologies, there are few premier one that have started being creative by including innovative ways to encourage the student community to become 21st century managers. Situated at the outskirts of Kolkata, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Globsyn Business School stands topmost among those management institutes with the novel approach of training and their learning has proved to be a life changing experience for many aspiring managers.
It was in the year 2002 that GBS started its journey with a small batch of 54 young minds and since then the institute has been consistently developing in terms of its pedagogic approaches, which is differentiating itself from other institutes.“Today, the market requires managers with relevant skills. Therefore, mere classroom activities are not sufficient to feed a budding manager’s ever increasing appetite for knowing the updates in the industry,” opines
Rahul Dasgupta, Joint Managing Director, GBS. The institute believes that the essence of management education can be imparted beyond the four walls of a classroom and conducts good student-driven events in the campus. ‘Serendipity’ is one such event of GBS, which has been a stepping-stone for the students to be acquainted with corporate circle, as they get to organize, raise funds and execute the events all by themselves. “The students get to know the challenges in hosting a big event and the ways and means to overcome them. Such a plat- form helps them to hone their mana- gerial skills in finance, marketing and operations. We continuously put ef- forts to capitalize our corporate rela- tionships with a single objective to put forward the best academic experience to our students,” claims Rahul. The meticulously carved elements name-ly Globsyn Alumni Engage, Globsyn Management Conference, Serendip- ity, EMBRYON, Globsyn Annual Lecture Series are other few unique forums that give the students an op- portunity to brainstorm, coordinate and infuse new ideas and interpret managerial practices in vogue.

“Since the inception, we have been striving hard to be the most relevant B-School in India with a focus on making our students learn ‘how to live’ rather than making a living with the education,” says Rahul. In this regards, they have come up with an initiative named ‘Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum,’ which provides an opportunity for students to get close with the society wherein they can indulge in selfless social work as an integral part of their lives to make them better manager and a better human being. Birthday celebration of the elderly residents of various old-age homes of the city, workshops
for specially-abled children, health and eye check-up camp for BPL population, and evening classes for needy children and adults are few projects, which have made a positive impact in the lives of local community within the vicinity of GBS.
With the significant focus on the behavioral traits of budding managers and entrepreneurs, further the insti- tute strives to instill the right skills by organizing internship and apprentice- ship programs for the students. The vast experience of Globsyn Group in management education has equipped them with a clear understanding about the major shifts in the placement sce- nario. Analyzing the current trends, the institute brings students more close to the industry by launching sev-eral programs in association with the top industry brands like PwC, TATA Teleservices, Vodafone and many more. These rigorous training and as- sessment programs make students fit for the industry. Rahul claims, “More than 80 companies visit the campus to hire the pupils every year and till date over 300 corporate companies have hired GBS students.”Most of the students at GBS are recruited by the reputed firms like Capgemini, Hindu- stan Unilever Ltd., Johnson & Johnson, Nestle India, PepsiCo India, ITC Lim- ited, Citi Bank, Deloitte, Vodafone, Amul, Eveready Industries, HDFC Bank, Tata Consultancy Services and so on.

“Now, management education is synonymous to innovation and so is Globsyn. We direct our students with a fresh new way to look at the ordinary things,” concludes Rahul. Realizing the fact that a theoretical MBA program is not enough in conceiving the spirit of 21st century managers, GBS continues its journey through new approaches to explore the hidden talents of budding managers at the workplace.
Management College of the year- 2016