Goa Institute of Management: Nurturing Inspired Learners Who Can Have A Positive Impact On The Community

By Arif Raza, Associate Professor, GIM
Arif Raza,Associate Professor, GIM

Arif Raza

Associate Professor, GIM

Goa Institute of Management is a leading business school focused on trans-forming and improving the Indian management education space. Rated among the top 4 Best B-Schools for the world in the Positive Impact Rating 2021, GIM endeavours to have a positive impact on the society through its 6 programs getting agile leaders ready for the world. The college offers a plethora of courses to choose from including PGDM, PGDM (HCM), PGDM (BDA), PGDM (BIFS), PGDM - Part Time, MDP, and FPM. Out of this, the curriculum for the PGDM-Healthcare Management (HCM) program of the institution has been carefully curated taking into consideration the existing gaps and the future de-mands in the healthcare sector.

GIM strives to ensure that their students not only build strong theoretical foundation but also grasp and the practical aspects of healthcare management education in order to equip them with the needed skills required to thrive in the modern world. The breadth of learning is from hospital management to hospital designs, public health systems and policy management, new product development to brand management for healthcare sector, and applications like Six Sigma, Machine Learning and beyond.

Pioneering the Healthcare Management Sector
The PGDM (HCM) program offered by GIM is divided into six terms divided equally over two years. Apart from the academic training that is largely experiential in nature even in a classroom, the students also get lots of opportunities to see and experience real-life scenarios and gain valuable practical knowledge. Unlike most other institute where summer internship is the only opportunity for students to get practical learning, GIM has networked with large number of healthcare organizations and the students have an opportunity to visit these organizations and do live projects there.

This combination of theoretical
and practical learning that the institute offers help their students to stand apart from the rest of the competition and gain a head start in their careers. Apart from this, in the sixth semester, each student undertakes an independent healthcare industry related project and which develop their industry specific specialization, ultimately helping students in campus recruitment and progressing swiftly in their careers.

"We are aiming to create leaders and high-quality management professionals in the field of healthcare. In Goa, we have tie-ups with almost all the top healthcare organizations and they offer their facilities for practical exposure to our students. The students also do live projects in these organizations which are evaluated by our faculty. Industry experts regularly visit our campus to interact with the students and various healthcare companies contact us for hiring our students. Most of our faculty are into research and consulting and we sup-port them in these ventures as well.

“We are aiming to create leaders and high-quality management professionals in the field of healthcare”

Various faculty members from our institute have published papers in top research journals and conduct corporate training programs for businesses business leaders. HCM programme has received series of funding from organizations like WHO and Harvard university for undertaking prestigious studies in the field of healthcare. Our international tie-ups provide opportunity for our students to visit and study at reputed foreign universities and gain exposure there as well. We also have instances where students from international universities visit our campus to be a part of various projects.

As of now, we are also preparing for a couple of very prestigious accreditations including AACSB which is one of the world's best accreditations for any management college and the second one is AMBA accreditation. Apart from this, we already have AICTE and NBA accreditations as well", says, Dr. Arif Raza, Chairperson, PGDM (HCM) programme, GIM, when asked about the unique learning opportunities that the institute offers to the students.
Wholesome Education for Holistic Development
Talking more about the extracurricular activities and the holistic learning philosophy of GIM, Dr. Arif adds, "We aim for the holistic development of our students and we have various student-run clubs. We also conduct various panel discussions where industry experts interact with our students and sensitize them around the latest industry practices. Apart from that, we conduct co-curricular activities like business quizzes, debates, extempore, book reading, film reviews that helps in holistic development of students. The institute has an incubation center in support with the Government of India under the ATAL incubation scheme, where some of our students with entrepreneurial ideas get help in establishing their own businesses.

In addition to preparing our students for a career in business, we also sensitize our students towards societal needs and their responsibilities towards the same. For this, we conduct a Give-Goa Health program, under which students are attached to a specific NGO working in healthcare field. The students work for a cause with help of this NGO and in return understand the needs of under-privileged people in a much better manner. With this our students are not just best in the field of healthcare business but also aware citizens that contribute towards the development of the society".

The quality of the students that graduate from GIM is further show-cased in the companies that hire their students. Some of the top recruiters at GI include Infosys, Hexaware, Medline, ConvaTec, Bosch, Johnson & Johnson, Narayna Health to name a few. Going forward, GIM has plans to improve the quality of their education even more and attract international students to their campus. With all this, the institute is aiming to be the epitome of top-notch management education in the country and make their presence known in the global higher education realm.

Arif Raza, Associate Professor, GIM
A pioneering educator with a relentless passion for teaching and mentoring. Arif ensures that he helps the students to realize their true potential by creating a meaningful relationship with them.
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