Rishihood University: Nurturing Inspired Learners To Achieve Academic Excellence

By Prof. (Dr.) Nitesh Bansal, Registrar, Rishihood University
Prof. (Dr.) Nitesh Bansal,Registrar, Rishihood University

Prof. (Dr.) Nitesh Bansal

Registrar, Rishihood University

The great Indian Philosopher Swami Vivekananda once said that the rulers of society were never kings or generals, but Rishis or Saints and they are the true blessings for mankind. Inspired by the ideology of Swami Vivekananda, the Rishihood University has strengthened its foundation as a modern gurukul thriving to become a contemporary knowledge platform across the Education, Entrepreneurship, Creativity Healthcare & a Public Leadership domain. Aligning its contemporary curricula and novel teaching standards across the verticals of innovation, entrepreneurialism, design concern, and social impact, Rishihood University has been seamlessly engaged as a National University to assist its students in achieving the essence of monkhood at a pragmatic level.

Established in 2020, the School of Healthcare of Rishihood University has emerged as a premium knowledge hub for the education of healthcare management professionals by promoting an integrated study of basic education and health professions concepts. Enabling the students to explore the healthcare domain by significant knowledge and skills developed through didactic and clinical experiences, the School of Healthcare is adherent with the experiential learning practices to enter the rapidly changing global healthcare environment as a trailblazer.

Crafting Impeccable Healthcare Management Professionals
Proceeding exponentially since its inception to develop caring healthcare professionals who possess the knowledge and skills to deliver the most efficacious clinical and management services, Rishihood University has managed to put itself at the forefront of diagnostics by delivering apt education and training pertaining to clinical care, healthcare, and hospital management.

Pragmatically focused on experiential learning, which
means the students will be equipped with the latest technology, Rishihood University is ensuring adequate clinical exposure to the students from the very first year of their admission. With a comprehensively updated curriculum that covers all the industry-specific educations and training in the syllabus, Rishihood University is leaving no stones unturned to mold its students into impeccable professionals of the healthcare management domain.

“Reaching out to the people with optimum healthcare facilities in the rural areas and not just the people in metros and smart cities, Rishihood University is on the path of creating a noticeable impact of its presence across the healthcare management domain”

"Management is a holistic element which also nurtures the entrepreneurial abilities and mindset, and in the healthcare domain, we want to inculcate the whole philosophy of healthcare in our students before they become managers. Entrepreneurship doesn't necessarily define starting something individually in particular but doing unique or effective in whatever we do. Apart from being revenue-oriented or making everything optimal, it's also about having a process-driven approach and understanding the domain itself, that makes marketing or management professionals in healthcare different from other domains such as IT or telecommunication," states Prof. (Dr.) Nitesh Bansal, Registrar, Rishihood University.

Ensuring The Availability of Optimum Healthcare Facilities
After the onset of the COVID pandemic, people are becoming more health-conscious and the demand for healthcare professionals is also going significantly up. Trying to make people aware that at such crucial times it is relevant for them to connect with the right qualified people instead of promotional quacks. Taking a unique approach of entering into affiliation with the international organizations to get connected with the hospital outside India, Rishihood University is committed to exposing its students to the international healthcare sphere as well which will intrinsically broaden their horizons.

"As modern healthcare management, we have tie-up with
the leading universities which are not only advanced in technology but are also great in doing things rather than only talking about them. We have already discussed with few groups of hospitals to have their courses and their way of functioning integrated into our curriculum. We are also joining hands with the bodies which are at the frontline enhancing quality of our healthcare system.

Equipped with faculties who are prolifically trained and equipped with industry experience, we handpick each one of them exclusively, to create an exemplary atmosphere where students can learn and grow to achieve their optimum potential. Inviting industry people to share the concerns of the industry, we are sensitizing our students about the challenges of the industry. We are showing them a 360-degree view by connecting them with the senior leaders of the industry and giving them opportunities to discuss the challenges and problems they're facing currently to mentally prepare them for the future," avers Dr Nitesh Bansal.

Reaching out to the people with optimum healthcare facilities in the rural areas and not just the people in metros and smart cities, Rishihood University is on the path of creating a noticeable impact of its presence across the healthcare management domain. With an ultimate goal to become a modern gurukul promoting liberal education, the institution aims to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in the university where everything is inter-connected and open for everyone. "Few basic things such as philosophy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and design are the components which are involved in every program what we do. To help our students to acquire innovative and entrepreneurial proficiencies once they graduate, we are enabling them to think from a design point of view that how good it is for end-users in whatever they do in their life. Preparing our students into lifelong learners, we are assisting them to conquer the 21st century by acquiring the most sought-after skills of the healthcare management industry," concludes Dr. Nitesh Bansal.

Prof. (Dr.) Nitesh Bansal, Registrar, Rishihood University
Dr. Nitesh aspires to equip the students with the needed skills required to thrive in the modern world through experiential education.
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