Sharda University: Ensuring Academic Excellence Through Innovation And Research

By Dr. Jayanthi Ranjan, Dean, School of Business Studies
Dr. Jayanthi Ranjan,Dean, School of Business Studies

Dr. Jayanthi Ranjan

Dean, School of Business Studies

The Indian higher education realm has seen rapid changes over the last couple of years and even though the quality of education is increasing, the prevalent industry-academia gap still remains a major problem for educators, as well as, students across the country. Acknowledging this scenario, School of Business Studies, Sharda University was incepted with a unique vision of not only bridging the industry-academia gap but also to nurture inspired learners and by doing that, serve the society.

This unique philosophy has helped Sharda University to not only separate themselves from various other educational institutions in the country but it has also helped them to develop students who are capable of having a positive impact on the world. Sharda University has a sprawling campus spread across 63 acres and its state-of-art facilities help their students to experience wholesome education which is targeted at their holistic development. As a testament to the quality of their education, Sharda University now hosts 13,000+ students from 85+ countries, 29 states, and Union Territories, providing cultural diversity and global exposure to students. This wide array of students also promotes cross-cultural learning that will help them to be better prepared for their future endeavors.

Staying Ahead of the Curve
The Team met with Dean of School of Business Studies, Dr Jayanthi Ranjan and Dr Mridul Dharwal, Professor of Economics in the School of Business Studies.

They say-, "The basic pain area is the lack of financial support from the various regulatory authorities in the country. This has been holding back the Indian higher education realm as a whole for many years now. Apart from that, there are multiple regulatory bodies with different compliances that we have to adhere to and this has also been a limiting factor. When it comes to Sharda University, we were established in 2009 with the primary aim of serving the society.
We are a multidisciplinary University that offers programs on 14 different disciplines. Owing to the wide array of courses that we offer, there are plenty of multidisciplinary learning opportunities avail-able for our students. This will not only help them to be better prepared for their careers but this multidisciplinary learning can also assist in their holistic development. Apart from this, the choice-based career system that we have also helps the students to have greater flexibility over their learning.

School of Business Studies, Sharda University offers quality executive education and is second largest school in the university. It is aiming towards global accreditation, like AACSB, EQ-UIS etc. The school has already signed umpteen MoUs with NGOs, Govt, International universities, SMEs, as well as business segments. Around 3000 international students learn from SBS. Sharda University acknowledges the fact that one of the biggest boosts from college is an increase in self-confidence.

This NAAC Accredited University has also been awarded on numerous occasions owing to their contributions to the Indian higher education sector including Education Excellence Award by ASSOCHAM supported by Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India among many others. All these acts as a testament that showcases not only the quality of education imparted at Sharda University but also their commitment to ensure the success of their students.

Proper Guidance to NurtureInspired Learners
Having top-notch faculty members is crucial for nurturing capable students and adding more about the quality of their faculty members and industry connections Dr Ranjan says, "Across all the different disciplines, we have over 1000 faculty members who mentor our students so that they can realize their true potential. Apart from just having qualified faculty, all our faculty members provide individual care and attention to their students so that their grievances can be addressed promptly. And almost all our faculty members are Ph.D. holders as well and many of them have worked previously in other reputed educational institutions.

We have a very famous initiative called the Sharda Launch Pad and over the years we have signed 240 MOUs. This includes large business organizations,
educational institutions as well as other entities. Apart from that, we have plenty of industry-readiness programs that help our students to be equipped with the needed skills required to thrive in the modern world. The faculties are even responsible for ensuring that their students have proper industry exposure and initiate signing MOUs in order to achieve constant industry interaction.

Dr. Mridul Dharwal, Professor of Economics, School of Business Studies

To deal with the placement and entrepreneurial facets of their student's career development, Sharda University has created an independent full-fledged department that helps their students to gain valuable skills through various training sessions and workshops. Apart from this, the institute also helps their students when it comes to assisting them in their internships as well as placements. Evolving with the changing times, Sharda University has high hopes of creating a brighter future for their students. And in order to achieve this, the institute has laid out various plans include commercializing at least 50 patents and increasing the number of research activities.

Dr. Jayanthi Ranjan, Dean, School of Business Studies
Dr Jayanthi Ranjan is an academician with 26+ years of experience; She has more than 26 years of teaching, consulting and research experience in Big data, Business Analytics and digital innovations with specific focus on Design thinking and critical problem solving. She specializes in institutional brand building, international strategic academic activities, international benchmarking campus school alignments, student affairs and program innovation. She can be reached at

Dr. Mridul Dharwal, Professor of Economics, School of Business Studies
He has 13 Patent Publication and 01 Design Patent granted and more than 20 Scopus/Indian Citation index/Peer reviewed and more than 20 Paper in UGC-Care to his credit. He has authored four books and has 13 Copyright registered.
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