ICE College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology

By Tejinder Singh Sabarwal, Director
Tejinder Singh Sabarwal,Director E stablished in the year 2005, ICE College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology has already proved itself in the sphere of Hospitality Education. Witnessing considerable achievements and success over the years, the institute has expanded its reach to the students. Now, the college is located in three different campuses in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune respectively. ICE College stands by to the vision of changing the system of imparting quality and skill based education, leading to produce “Skilled Army for the Country”, as the present education system is completely theoretical giving very less importance to practical learning. Here, students’ get enrolled from all across the country to pursue and realize their dreams in hotel management, promoting diversity on the campus that further helps the students to not be restricted to a particular geographical area.

What makes the ICE College unique from the rest of the hotel management institutions in the course curriculum they provide to the learners. The institute offers one of its kind three-year industrial integrated degree program wherein, the student have to learn six months staying in the campus and the next six monthsn some of the notable five star hotels. Hence, by the time the student completes his/her 3-
years degree, he/she will already have 18 months of industrial training experience in his hands, which will further help them to grab a better job. “One cannot learn swimming in the classroom; one has to dive into the water. The same way one cannot learn business in the classroom, one must learn business from businessman by joining industrial integrated degree programs”, says Tejinder Singh Sabarwal, Principal, ICE College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology. This training uplifts the student’s industrial exposure and run parallel with the current technological advancements in the spectrum of hospitality. The courses covered by the institution are BSC – Hospitality studies, BSC Catering and Hotel Administration, B. Vocational- Hospitality accompanied with diploma and certificate courses and the annual intake of students is 750.

Through a specially designed curriculum, the ICE College encourages its students to perform well enough to meet the global standards, which leads them towards the path of a successful career. The institute not only focuses on job placement assistance but also gives ample importance to provide the learners with proper entrepreneurship development courses where they are given training on the pros and cons and the techniques as to how start their own venture in the form of bakery, catering, food truck or central kitchen.In this regards, to train the students, the institution is backed up with 30 phenomenal faculty members who varies from junior faculties to senior faculties. The junior faculties are almost of the same age as the students and they are
encouraged to conduct interactive sessions with the learners and teach them simultaneously. In this way, the students can connect and interact in an effective manner. Moreover, in order to keep a check that the teachers as well the students are upgraded with all the recent developments, the management conducts different workshops every month, wherein experienced and well known persons from the industry comes and trains the teachers and students regarding all the relevant developments in the industry.

Owing to the institute’s good relationship with the industry, almost all the ICE students get the opportunity to be placed in top-notch 5 star hotels, Airports, Retails, restaurants and so on. Recently, the college signed a MoU with City and Guilds London for shortterm courses in hotel management. ICE has been given approval as a Vocational Training Provider (VTP) of Maharashtra State Skill Development Society. The institute also provides free training and placement for the eligible candidates in collaboration with the Government of Maharashtra. On that account, students from financially weak background get the convenience of start working right from their first year, so that they can finance their education while gaining industrial exposure. “We aim to reduce the cost of education without compromising on quality of education,” says Tejinder Singh. The institute thus, primarily focuses on their motto of “Earn and Learn,” by providing the students suffice scope to become independent and experienced in their concerned interest area.

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