Established in 1973 for empowering entrepreneurs in the fields of business and law, Instituto de Empresa (IE), a private university in Madrid imparts education in English and Spanish. Aligning with the norms set by the European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process), IE has developed a collaborative approach with a plethora of international universities and colleges for development of the students in its IE Business School, IE Law School, IE School of Architecture And Design, IE School of Human Sciences & Technology, IE School of International Relations and Undergraduate Degrees.

In 2006 when IE Ltd took over Universidad S.E.K. (San Estanislao de Kostka which was established 1997), IE University started allowing undergraduates. The innovative and diverse learning paradigms ignite the
new ideas among students for providing solutions which are creative. A vibrant learning environment including an extensive and topnotch global network, facilities in the university campus inspires both the faculties and the students.

The students are supported in every way from faculty interaction about development of their respective subjects in professional sphere and innovations for human betterment. In a campus located alongside Eresma River, every year students form diverse learning groups from 130 different countries.

Recognized as one of the most prestigious associations because of high quality teaching, IE University envisions innovation and entrepreneurial qualities with extreme focus in humanities and academic results.
The university is immersed in development of the students into educated professionals who can bring a change to the society. The practical learning tactic helps students in both classroom knowledge and hands-on skill development.

Every year, IE Foundation Prizes in Humanities are conducted where the best writing, and audio-visual by the students, faculty, alumni and staff of IE Community participate. Honoring the humanistic vision, critical thinking and uniqueness of the IE Community, the prizes find the best places in the winners’ lives. The students’ learning in a technologically advanced environment grip-up the leadership qualities at IE University and later exhibiting those in the modern digitally transformed corporate culture of the world.
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