Dr. Rajashree Pandiyan,Faculty Under the 10 km long elevated highway in South Bangalore, Electronic City is always buzzing. Housing more than 300 corporate companies and an outsized workforce of employees, this part of the city is one larger electronic industrial area of the country. IFIM College has taken a strategic location in the heart of Electronic City to establish its campus for a reason: high corporate exposure. The college nurtures and supports a unique system of education structured on Bangalore University syllabi, combining the tenets of academic excellence and corporate professionalism. "We are driven by a mission of nurturing holistic, socially responsible and continuously employable professionals through quality education," says Dr. Rajashree Pandiyan, Faculty, IFIM College.

"As an institution operating in the middle of numerous corporate entities, IFIM believes that students need a constant interface with the industry to equip them to face future challenges"

Founded in 2009 by the DSIJ Group - the publishers of the popular Dalal Street Investment Journal ­IFIM is promoted by Centre for Developmental Education (CDE), which is well-known for establishing leading academic institutions, including IFIM Business School, IFIM College, IFIM Law College and IFIM Centre for Professional Learning. Among the numerous programmes provided by the institution, BA Course, which is designed as a triple major course with a combination of Journalism, English Literature and Psychology,
has students from various parts of India. This multi cultural atmosphere not only enhances the joy of learning and exchange of ideas, but also helps to develop an opportune environment for creative thinking and learning. Indeed, the close relation between all the three subjects equips the student with clarity of thought and action.

"The means of delivering news and the skills required to publish news is evolving at a great pace, so students of Journalism find it highly challenging to keep them updated. More than ever, news media professionals must consistently demonstrate the qualities of precision, accuracy, speed, fairness, understanding and public responsibility," opines Dr. Rajashree. As an institution operating in the middle of numerous corporate entities, IFIM believes that students need a constant interface with the industry to equip them to face future challenges. IFIM is associated with news organizations, academic institutions and corporations to provide the students with opportunities to attend guest lectures by experienced journalists and professionals from the media on specific subject areas.

Making the Learners Reflective and Responsible
"Our competent faculty members motivate youngsters with the enthusiasm to take up the course, as journalism is a dynamic subject. We provide students with internship in leading media houses and the faculty assist in arranging these internships based on the students' area of interest that gives students first-hand experience of working," explains Dr. Rajashree.

Further to the internship, the students have to submit a detailed report of their internship experience in addition to a presentation made in the presence of the department's faculty and students. This kind of an activity is both an encouragement and motivation to the other students. In fact, the BA Department seizes every opportunity available to provide
exposure to the students and thereby equip them with all the necessary skills.

"Here, we have employed innovative teaching methods to make the learning process effective and creative. The department has in-house newsletters released periodically that are written and edited by the students," shares Dr. Rajashree. IFIM encourages students to participate actively in media related events in the city, which helps them to prepare industry-ready journalists who can explore and excel with the right creative and technical blend required to face challenges with confidence. "We strongly believe in providing holistic education that moulds a person, not just to be fit professionally, but to be a responsible citizen in society. The student centric social immersion programs and CSR activities are part of the curriculum for every IFIMite," adds Dr. Rajashree.

Preparing Ready to Employ Graduates
IFIM has a unique Personality Enhancement Program (PEP), which is part of the curriculum to develop a personality suitable for today's challenging job environment. The PEP department works closely with students on the various skills required to face an interview and subsequently have a successful career. Along with that, IFIM has a very active placement program, which prepares the student for their first job. "Several media houses and PR Companies visit the campus for recruitment and other activities designed to augment the curriculum," claims Dr. Rajashree.

Today, with a vision to produce well-informed and trained journalists capable of excelling in the field, IFIM Campus is buzzing with interesting and challenging activities that provide ample opportunities for students to explore and fine tune various skills. "We strive to nurture and mould industry-ready professionals with effective communication and ethical values". concludes Dr. Rajashree.
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